The 3 Essential Tools Every Remote Worker Needs To Have


For many the idea of remote working simply means working from home. However, this is not the case for all remote workers. Some of them work outside of an office but not in one place in particular. Often, these remote workers are working on the go. Either as digital nomads who choose to work and travel at the same time, or because their job takes them to various locations.

When you need to work out of a car or suitcase then you need to make sure that you have the right equipment to be able to work effectively. You’re only as good as your tools, as they say. Not having them can actually cost you money since it can impact your productivity in a bad way.

In this article, I will go over several of the things you need to work remotely efficiently and effectively.

1 – Portable scanner

There are some people out there who are able to take their entire office with them in a backpack. How do they do it? By getting the smallest type of equipment possible.

Portable scanners are just one of those types of tools. They take up less space than your underwear in a suitcase or backpack. Not only is the tool itself small, but being able to scan important documents on the go will also keep you from having to lug the paper copies around with you. You can scan them and keep them secure in the cloud or even on the blockchain.

Even if you are working from home as a remote worker, these slim scanners will free up a lot of space on your desk so you can work better with less clutter around you.

2 – Audio/Video upgrades

You are going to be doing a lot more video calls than you ever thought possible. Which means that you will want to look and sound as professional as possible. This is especially important when you are trying to win over a new client. If they can’t hear you well because you are using the default microphone from your laptop or just a simple built in webcam then you are not likely to succeed.

Instead, make sure that you spend a few extra dollars on a decent microphone and camera. You can still use a webcam, but make sure that the frame rate is as high as you can get for your budget. This is what makes it look seamless and smooth as opposed to grainy and slow.

A mic will also help immensely as a poor one will make you sound far away and they will need to strain to hear you.

3 – Power station

Losing your battery power while on the road in the middle of an assignment can be a disaster. And sometimes you are not able to plug in. If you have a portable power station then you can always use it to keep the lights on so to speak.

They can be quite small and work with a USB cable so you can charge any kind of device besides just your smartphone.

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