How to Keep Employees Healthy for Physically Demanding Jobs


Many of the most common jobs available today require a lot of fast-paced movement and heavy lifting. They can be physically exhausting and come with a great deal of liability for companies as it is important to maintain the wellbeing of their employees. Managers and CEOs at these jobs play a very important role in keeping the environment as safe as possible. This being said, here are a few ways to help employees stay safe in a physically demanding environment.

Safe COVID Practices

The Covid vaccine is being administered, but the pandemic isn’t over yet. Sometimes it can be hard to stay six feet apart while performing a warehouse job, but when possible, try to enforce social distancing and mask-wearing between your employees. As the pandemic wraps up, we are in a race to make sure everyone gets vaccinated before we loosen up our safety precautions, so make time for your employees to go and get vaccinated as well.

Feed the Team

In a position where you have to do a lot of quick moving and heavy lifting, it is important to stay hydrated and avoid going too long without a snack, as dehydration or low blood sugar can lead to dizziness and clumsiness. As someone who is in charge of your employees’ wellbeing, it is a good idea to provide water for your workers and remind them to consume a decent amount of nutrients before work, during break, and after work. You can encourage healthy habits by providing company water bottles, flavored water, and healthy snacks in the breakroom to ensure your employees don’t suffer from low blood sugar after long hours of strenuous work.


At a job where you have to alter your pace a lot, it is important to decrease your chances of cramps or pulled muscles. Setting up a daily stretching routine for your workers every morning before their shift is one way to help make sure this is possible. There are many companies that offer special warmup programs as part of their onsite injury prevention services. You can also set up a yoga class during lunch hour to help your employees keep their muscles loose and lean and prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Onsite Emergency Nurse

Along with being physically demanding, these jobs can also be very dangerous. With all of the quick moving and constant pacing, it is easy to trip and fall, or suddenly get a bruise or cut. This is why it is important to have a medical professional onsite, that way they will be close by whenever there in an injury, or if somebody needs some other kind of medical attention.

So, if you manage a job that is excessively laborious, try your best to take these measures and make sure your workplace is as safe as possible. Doing so will not only reduce company liability, but increase your employees’ job satisfaction and decrease turnover.

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