What Gates Should You Get for Your Business?


A business takes time to build, and owners invest a lot of money to ensure they meet their customers’ standards. After years of building the perfect company, the last thing you want is someone taking something away from it or harming it somehow.

Unfortunately, vandalism and theft are real concerns for businesses. Although it may not have ever happened to you, it does happen to other companies. That’s why you need a line of defense to protect your property and assets. You may already have a security system, but you might be considering adding a security gate to protect your property further.

You want to fortify your company after you’ve spent years sacrificing time and money to make it what it is today. Though many industries have taken their business online, there are still brick-and-mortar companies that need protection. That goes for the physical inventory of e-commerce companies, too.

Why do you need a gate? What gates should you get for your business? This article will give you tips on why and how to protect your building best.

Why You Need a Gate

Of course, a gate enhances the security of your business. However, there are other reasons why you should consider getting a gate for your property. Here are a few of those:

Adds value to your property: When you boost your security in any way, you add value to your property. It increases your curb appeal and it lets customers know you take your business seriously.

Controls outside traffic: A security gate will also help control any outside traffic. When you have visitors, you can better monitor them and watch to see who is looking into your business.

Protects your business’s image: Vandalism and theft alter a business’s image drastically. A gate would save that image all the more, and it would boost the way your company looks to the community.

Saves you money: Security gates save you money in the long run. Although they might be a more significant investment upfront, in the end, you won’t have to pay for damage or cleanup due to theft and vandalism.

Adding a gate to your business enhances security and ensures you stay safe. Here are some of the types of gates you should get for your business.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are a standard option for businesses. They take up a bit of extra space, though, so if you need to conserve space on your property, check out some of the other gate options. Like a door, swing gates swing 90 degrees from one end to the other when you open or close them.

If space is an issue for you, and you would like a swing gate, you can get one with two doors, which occupies less space. Ensure you leave enough space for vehicles to pass through when opening the gates.

Rolling Gates

Next are rolling gates. These are gates that have attached rubber or pneumatic wheels on the bottom, which roll over the ground so you can open and close the gate. The entire gate rests on those wheels.

When you open the gate, it rolls into place without the need for a counterbalance. Typically, rolling gates coincide with chain-link fences. They slide in parallel with the fence and then lock into place. When closing the gate, you can lock it in with the opposite side of the fence.

Manual Lifts

Manual lifts operate in a different way than swing gates. Instead of using horizontal space, they operate vertically and are a great space-saving option. When opening, the gates lift, but you need manual power to do so.

These gates rise above the heights of vehicles. It opens reasonably quickly and does its job to protect your business. Manual lifts are pretty common in residential areas, but they are becoming more popular in industrial settings.

Bi-Fold Gates

Bi-fold gates open and close by folding into themselves. Two separate gates fold out to meet each other in the center when closed. Plus, they are easy to lock, which is an essential feature for your business.

Of all of the gate options, these take up the least amount of space. If your business has to stop vehicles as they come in, these are a great option because they open and close with ease, meaning you’ll allow traffic to flow easily.

Electric Lifts

Finally, there are electric lifts. Electric lifts are just like manually operated lifts, except they open up with the push of a button. They’re run by electricity, making them automatic lifts, which are popular for businesses. No physical effort is required to open them.

This makes them easy to operate, and it speeds up the time to get vehicles or people through the gate. Plus, you can give out remotes to your employees to open the gate so they don’t have to rely on someone else to open it for them.

Secure Your Business With a Gate

Installing a gate can save your business. Research each type of gate so you know what will work best for your company and property. You’ll immediately notice benefits upon installation!

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