VoIP performance during a power outage


Currently, people depend very strongly on technologies to the point where they need it to do almost everything in their lives, even the simplest activities. At this point, living in a world without technology sounds like an absolute nightmare. There would be no internet, smartphones, computers, no social media… The easiest way to grasp what a world without technology would be is to experience a power outage, which can make all technology useless for a certain time.

A common question that some users may have is what happens with a VoIP service during a power outage. VoIP is a telephony service that depends on a stable and strong internet connection to work properly. Although VoIP systems are in general terms more reliable than conventional phone lines, a breakdown of the electrical service would affect its optimal performance and would cause some setbacks since the entire network relies on the internet.

Although it can be rare, a power outage can happen at any time generating a failure in the system. This is not a strong enough reason to give up using VoIP services, since every form of communication has its good and bad sides. It is always important for situations such as this one, to be cautious and to take the necessary preventive measures to reduce the loss of performance when using a service like VoIP. Having a plan is the best defense.

How to deal with VoIP in a power outage?

First of all, it is important to confirm if there is really an electrical failure, since if only some rooms or devices are without service, it is more likely to be a tripped circuit. Hence, users must check their electrical service panel to solve the problem. Another good way to confirm the occurrence of a general power outage is to check whether the neighborhood has also lost power by looking at which Wi-Fi networks are still available. If there are only a few present, it would confirm a general electrical failure. Also, poor weather conditions and periods of high electrical demand may generate power fluctuations.

Therefore, it is a good idea to connect the phone system to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which is a backup battery that powers devices for a short period of time until the electrical service is restored. Although this is a short-term solution, to restore communications is fundamental to connect the modem, router and VoIP phone to the UPS, which will maintain the system active for around six hours. However, this will only work if the internet provider has not been affected by the electrical failure.

If the power outage endures for a long time, users can begin to take full advantage of the benefits that the VoIP service offers even in these exceptional conditions. Users can switch to their VoIP smartphone app to use their cellphones to answer the calls they could be receiving. Hopefully, their smartphones have enough charge in their batteries to help them solve the problem for a few more hours.

However, if users cannot answer the incoming calls, messages can still be left in their voicemail. Even during a power outage, voicemail is handled by the VoIP service provider. Therefore, there will be no lost messages.

Is it possible to prevent future VoIP outages?

Although power failures always take users by surprise, having a plan B will help them respond better to such a situation without compromising efficiency and performance. A good place to start is to purchase the service with a reliable VoIP provider.

Users can also set up the automatic call-forwarding feature when available, and in this way, they can answer incoming calls using another phone. Having another internet service provider as a backup is also a good idea, so there is no need to have an additional cable or DSL bill. For example, with 4G LTE technology, individuals and businesses can use a cellphone as a backup Internet service provider. So, it will only be necessary to have an LTE modem to restore the internet connectivity in a power outage.

Is it a good idea to get a VoIP service?

Some may think that it is much simpler to avoid VoIP telephony and just continue to use the conventional and traditional PSTN system. However, the truth is that landlines can also be affected by other problems, like a fallen tree, for example. In fact, no matter what technology individuals or businesses decide to use, there will always be some vulnerabilities and problems to be faced with.

By taking the proper preventive measures, users can enjoy an excellent service with a wide range of benefits and advantages. For example, by acquiring a virtual telephone service, netizens can use a Non-VoIP phone number that relies on the internet to work but is not attached to a physical address, offering a lot of flexibility to its users.

An amazing U.S. Non-VoIP numbers provider is operated by the Epsilon Technology LTD company, and it’s called VerifyWithSMS – mostly known for its Tinder phone verification service.

With Non-VoIP numbers, users can stop worrying about power outages and failed internet connectivity – no need to know much about technology to use virtual telephonies.

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