COVID’s Impact on Jobs & the Economy [2021 Study]


It’s no secret that America is now more polarized than ever along multiple fault lines. The last presidential election was strong proof of that, which, among other things, revealed our differences in politics, race, gender, and wealth.

And while you might think the COVID-19 pandemic will act as a great equalizer whose after-effects will decrease nationwide inequality, it could actually cause further fracturing of a divided society.


Zety decided to deep-dive into the issue and examine coronavirus’s impact on the job market, the broader economy, and government intervention.

Below is a quick rundown of the study’s key findings:

  • A full 40% of people believe pandemic job losses were due to poor individual performance, not circumstances beyond our control.
  • 64% of Americans are certain inequalities in wealth and income would surge after the pandemic subsides.
  • Women’s jobs are 19% more at risk than male ones, with only 47% of women having the ability to work from home compared to 62% of men.
  • 68% of Democrats believe that the pandemic crisis means there’s more of a need for government measures to reduce differences in income levels than 37% of Republicans.
  • Only a third of respondents feel government support should be more than a one-off.

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