The Flip Side of Remote Work [2021 Study]

As the government rolls out the vaccination program on a nationwide scale, most employers are now tasked with finding ways to reopen their brick-and-mortar offices safely in the foreseeable future.

That said, the vast majority of working professionals have gotten too used to the flexibility and freedom the past year has given. And most of us are reluctant to give that up.

That’s why LiveCareer decided to throw under the microscope employees’ experiences with remote work and see the professional and personal benefits it provides. They polled over 1,000 US workers and stumbled upon more than a few hidden gems.

Below is a quick summary of the study’s key findings:

  • 66% of employees save between 30 minutes and 2 hours each day by not commuting to the office.
  • The time we don’t waste on office commutes goes to hanging out with our families and friends (84%), getting more sleep (78%), or undertaking more recreational activities (77%).
  • On average, employees save around $4,000 yearly by working from home.
  • As many as 74% of remote workers started a side hustle with the time they have saved.
  • A full 49% of Americans have traveled to a different city or country to earn a living in a remote capacity in the last year.
  • 52% of working professionals have become more passionate about their jobs thanks to telecommuting.

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