7 Tips and Tricks to Increase Employee Productivity


Keeping employees productive can help with numerous business goals from employee retention to contribution and overall efficiency in the workplace. There are many simple solutions and tricks to increase productivity and create an awesome workplace environment!


A little recognition goes a long way in the workplace and occasional recognition has been proven to make employees feel valued and appreciated which in turn, increases their willingness to work and productivity. Recognition can range from putting an employee of the month program in place to sending a quick note or email to recognize an employee’s efforts.


Friendly competition in the workplace often results in employees putting a little more effort into their work! Contests often include prizes that help to drive participation. Gift cards, company apparel, cash, and technology accessories are some of the most sought-after prizes for workplace contests. Pro-tip, keep a contest limited to a time period of no longer than a month when possible. Long, ongoing contests can slip the mind of employees and seem out of reach while shorter and more frequent contests are sure to keep engagement levels high.

Team Bonding

Having a meal together or participating in team bonding activities helps to build morale which can convert to a more cohesive work environment and raise productivity levels. Get your team outdoors for a fun afternoon game of softball followed by a pizza party, or visit a local entertainment facility, or set some time aside for them to go ax throwing, or let them play tag with Gel Blaster! If something like this is in your company’s budget, it’s a great way to get employees to interact and enjoy themselves outside of their usual work environment.


Everyone loves food and everyone loves free food provided by their company even more! By providing snacks or a meal for your employees, you will make them feel appreciated which will increase their productivity when they head back to work. As mentioned before, a pizza party is a cost-effective and popular choice. Consider even keeping snacks around the workplace if it does not cause any health and safety-related issues. Small bags of chips and granola bars kept in a break room are not only a nice incentive for employees, but they also will provide an energy boost when needed throughout the workday.

Company Swag

Receiving a gift of any sort as an employee is always exciting and something that will make them feel valued. Why not gift them an item that is branded with their company logo or information? Any employee would be thrilled to unwrap some new, custom North Face jackets with their company’s logo on it. Hats, water bottles, backpacks, and blankets are other items that can be customized and ordered to gift to your employees.

Time Off

Depending on your role at a company and its leave policies, time off can be a great way to increase employees’ productivity as contradictory as that may sound. It is important that employees do not experience burn out which can severely, negatively impact their productivity levels. While it may be an option for them to take personal or mental health days to avoid experiencing burnout, they will value their employer more if they do not have to use their own time here and there. Instead of just granting employees time off, incentivize a few early releases a year or half days with hitting work-related goals or winning contests that were previously mentioned!

Wellness Classes

Show your employees that their health and wellness are important by offering them access to wellness classes! Wellness classes can also help to reduce the likelihood of employee burnout and make sure that they are taking measures to stay on their A-game. Live virtual classes from yoga wellness webinars are easily accessible for employers and employees to explore.

Employee productivity can be increased easily by methods ranging from showing appreciation with branded company gifts to offering flexible, virtual wellness classes. These tips and tricks can help to boost and maintain an employee’s contribution and productivity levels immediately and for the duration of their time at your company!

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