Careers helping people (have you got what it takes?)


Today, we’re going to explore some career ideas specifically relating to professions that focus on helping people. Let’s dig in.


A healthcare career is one of the main types of occupations relating to helping people (check out occupational therapy schools for degree programs).

There are two ways that you can choose to look at a healthcare career. First, you could see yourself being a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and the kind of staff member who jumps in to save the day while the crowds cheer your name. That’s an admirable goal. But there’s a different side to healthcare…

Sick people can be highly dependent on you, meaning your skills and expertise are in constant demand. The stress of being pulled in a hundred directions is not something most people can stomach. But if you can cope, the health professions might be the very best way that you can enjoy a lifelong career in helping people.

Teaching and education

Everybody has a favourite teacher. The difference between all those glorified babysitters and the names that stand comes down to one word: passion. Passion for the subject. Passion for how the lesson is taught. Passion for sparking the imaginations of young minds and helping them to see things in ways they never could from book learning alone.

Do you love to spin a yarn? Can you take something as boring as the building of the Eiffel Tower and turn it into a story of intrigue, where the designer built a hidden room at the top of the tower (that paying visitors can actually now see).

School isn’t great. The reason it isn’t great is that you have to be there. It’s enforced. And the kids hate being told what to do. But a teacher who doesn’t look like they want to be there either is a wasted chance to turn things around. Could you be the one name that stands out as being the inspirational mentor, remembered for years to come?

Teaching and education aren’t for everyone. Boring teachers are pointless. Have a good think about it. And then throw yourself into the role and don’t look back.


Barack Obama once said that by the time an issue had found its way into a filed report that lands on his desk, the situation was already serious. The same could be said of law and the legal professions.

Nobody goes to their lawyer to tell them everything is fine and they’re having a nice day in

the park with ice cream. People go to their lawyer when they want a divorce. Or when they have been injured at work. Or when they have been conned out of money. You get the idea.

It’s never an easy day in a legal office. Clients come thick and fast. And you have to manage their expectations while processing streams of paperwork and showing up to court dates. It’s as fast-paced as the movies make it look. Think you can handle the truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE… ahem. Anyway. Best of luck.

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