Considering Holding A Virtual Event For Your Small Business? Here’s Why You Should


Research has shown that 57% of small businesses are likely to continue working from home in the coming years. This means that leaders have a responsibility to keep everyone engaged and included in company events. Virtual events often include large numbers of people, but there is no reason that small businesses can’t use them to encourage communication. Here are some of the reasons why these events can benefit smaller companies.

Promoting Your Business

Inviting speakers and guests to a small business virtual event can result in wider relationship building with potential investors and stakeholders. They are a great opportunity for networking, as you are able to invite people from other companies in other areas without having to be disadvantaged financially. You can also use virtual tech to deliver live seminars and online courses, and promote the business more widely. These events can generate leads to your website and your social media accounts.

Encourage Brainstorming

Virtual events often have break out rooms where colleagues can think of ideas and engage in a brainstorming exercise. Due to feelings of isolation from remote working, many people may be more willing to engage in the exercise when it is held virtually, and it can benefit the company significantly. Bringing these ideas and feedback to discussions can result in lessons being learned and positive changes to the business. Small businesses are often more able to put changes into practice due to their smaller staff pool, which makes people more likely to speak out. Staff can discuss their perceptions of the company, and managers can determine how high morale is.   

Having Fun With Colleagues

Virtual events do not have to be related to the company. You can hold events for colleagues to allow them to connect socially and form relationships. Working from home can be isolating, so these events may help to reduce these feelings. Hold a Friday afternoon quiz to find out others’ likes and dislikes. Additionally, your event could be built around a theme to make it fun and encourage colleagues to feel more involved. You could hold a mystery virtual event, or you could allow staff to show off their talents by playing an instrument or telling some jokes. Colleagues who form relationships are likely to be happier at work and less stressed.

Small businesses can use virtual events to network, boost morale, and have fun with colleagues. They can also be beneficial financially, as a real event can be costly to a business with fewer than 50 employees.

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