How Drinking Coffee Can Increase Productivity


Caffeine is a personal coach our bodies rely on to get us through the day. Coffee contains all the good things that boost us to remain productive and alert throughout the day. No wonder it is at the top of the list of things you need in your kitchen. Let’s take a look at why this drink keeps us productive:

Metabolic boost

Caffeine increases our metabolic rate, and the higher your metabolic rate, the more likely you are to burn fat and eat food without picking up weight. It increases the ephedrine in your blood levels, releasing the fatty acids from fat tissue. Many health and fitness enthusiasts rely on coffee to get them going throughout the day by drinking a recommended amount within an eight hour office day.

Black coffee

Many meal plans include black coffee as a form of assisting with weight loss. Black coffee is full of antioxidants, and when you drink it with a low calorie/ high protein meal, it can boost your body’s ability to use the vitamin B in the protein and the coffee to burn excess fat in your body. Vitamin B is an excellent source of antioxidants, and the flavonoids in coffee a good source of antioxidants. Together two burn fat trapped in the body by increasing your muscles ability to function while ridding the body of unwanted toxins. Lyons coffee bags review confirms that black coffee, especially in this new convenient form, is the go-to drink for anyone who wants to stay straight and narrow without missing out on the fun.

Appetite control

Another benefit of coffee is that it helps you control your appetite. When you start a weight loss program, you are likely to snack or pick at certain foods when you are feeling hungry, and a cup of coffee can help you keep that at bay. It is usual for your body to adjust to a new eating plan, and this is no exception when you need to focus on eating smaller portions that initially leave you feeling cranky and hungry. Coffee can give your mood a boost as well as fill a gap to keep you going without snacking on the bad stuff.

Bullet coffee

The keto meal plan has taken the world by storm and to add to their fantastic enthusiasm is bullet coffee. Your body will need to be filled with as many nutrients as it can get while you are adjusting, and bullet coffee is perfect as a meal replacement. It is a combination of coffee, coconut oil and ghee ( a form of butter). Bullet coffee

acts as a meal replacement drink. You can have first thing in the morning if you are not particular on big meals or in the afternoon when you are hitting that slump and need something to fill you up and give you an energy boost.

There are many other fun ways to include coffee into your meal plan or your day so that you can try and keep a steady head on your eating plan, but with all things, moderation is to maintain. Try a cold brew coffee for a fun drink when you are out and want to have something healthier with your meals or an Irish coffee when you want to skip dessert, but still end the evening off on a good note.

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