What Women Drivers Need to Know about their Car


Being a driver should not only include knowing how to operate a car and driving safely. While these are necessary preconditions for safety and reliability, there is something else that often gets overlooked when it comes to owning a car. Yes, you’ve guessed it! It’s maintenance. While everyone knows that a car has to be properly maintained to minimize the risk of something going wrong and allowing the driver to react appropriately in case there is a problem on the road, for that to be possible your car needs to be in perfect condition.

It is often said that men are much more knowledgeable about and interested in car maintenance, which may or may not be true. What is important is that every driver needs to look after their car properly. Nobody expects every driver to be able to fix every single problem -such as a cracked windshield. For that you will need to find someone reliable so search around and read reviews. You can check out windshield repair in Tulsa as an example. There are some things everyone should do or learn in order to be able to drive safely. So, if you’re a woman and have little or know knowledge of what car maintenance entails, take a look at the following list.

Proper maintenance

Prevention is always cheaper and more efficient than any form of dealing with a problem. Cars are no different in this respect, since they require routine maintenance, such as oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection, etc. This is much cheaper than dealing with problems that will definitely arise if the car is not regularly maintained, not to mention the aspect of safety on the road. So, never miss any of regular inspections and visit your trusted mechanic in intervals recommended by the car manufacturer and before every long road trip you’re planning to take.

Identifying the problem

Modern cars feature dashboards that report a malfunction, and you need to consult the manual that came with the car to see what the problem means to you and your car. In many cases, you can immediately diagnose the problem and make the right call. Next, you need to know where certain parts of the car are located, so that you can perhaps fix a minor issue by following the manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide. For example, you need to know where your spare tire is and what tools you need to use if you need to replace it.

Installing only the right parts

No matter how well you look after your car, there will be times when certain parts will have to be replaced because they’re either worn out or simply not functioning well anymore. That’s the case even with the most reliable Japanese cars, which is why you should always look for the best Toyota parts for your car and never use a part that is not recommended by the manufacturer. This will help your car last much longer and it will increase safety significantly.

Oil inspection

Another simple task, yet vital to good performance is oil inspection. Don’t wait for a warning light on your dashboard, but occasionally check the engine oil level. Follow the instructions in the manual and you’ll see how easy it is. If the level is dangerously low, simply top up. However,  

if the problem appears again soon, make sure you visit your mechanic, who should be able to diagnose the problem. If you don’t feel confident you can do this task properly, ask your mechanic or someone else you trust to perform the task.

Check tire pressure

While it’s a smart idea to always perform a visual inspection of your tires before getting into the car, you still need to measure the pressure precisely from time to time, ideally once a month. Remember that it’s equally dangerous to drive with either under- or over-inflated tires. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and keep the tire pressure constant. You could invest in a small tire pressure gauge or simply stop at a gas station near you.

Refilling washer fluid

Another simple task that can help your car run smoothly and safely is the inspection of washer fluid. If you’re driving during a snowstorm and your windshield is full of salt, it will be very difficult to remove it using only windshield wipers. So, perform a simple inspection of washing fluid level from time to time and you won’t have to worry about this problem. Just make sure you have the right fluid for the season in which you’re driving.

As we’ve already stated, not every problem can be fixed by the driver, regardless of their sex. Still, if a car is properly looked after, the risk of malfunction will be minimized and the ride will be safer. For that to happen, some simple tasks are necessary and every driver should perform them regularly.

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