A Beginner’s Guide to Topical Vitamin C: What You Need to Know


Vitamin C offers several benefits not only to your overall health but also for your skin! If you’ve recently grown interested in revving up your skincare routine, you might have heard many people recommending the use of topical Vitamin C products.

It is a commonly popular addition to basic skincare routines because it promotes a more youthful complexion that most people wish to achieve with their treatments.

Anyone can use topical Vitamin C at any time of the day. However, beauty experts recommend using it in the morning before heading out for the day to reap the product’s full benefits. This recommendation is mainly because of the brightening effects that Vitamin C promotes when used.

The most common type of topical product with this ingredient is serums. There are also Vitamin C creams in place of serum, which you can apply after using your facial cleanser and toner.

They are considered generally safe for direct use on the skin but may cause some stinging for people with highly sensitive skin.

Generally, it is best to first consult with a dermatologist before using anything new on your skin. By doing so, you are also safely determining if your skin type is right for this kind of treatment. Your dermatologist can also recommend other types of skincare routines and products that will work best for your skin type.

Another way to maximize the effects of your skincare routine is to pair it with good diet and lifestyle habits. Healthy lifestyle choices imply that you get the recommended amount of sleep each night and avoid foods that may have adverse effects on your skin.

To learn more about the use and benefits of Vitamin C, refer to the infographic below.

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