How to Set Up a Softball Field in 8 Steps


Getting your work team together is always a good boost for morale. Instead of scheduling another group dinner or setting up donuts in the office kitchen, management teams should consider learning how to set up a softball field.

Your employees can battle each other for one big prize or compete to win money for their favorite local charities. Either way, this guide explains how to set up a softball field in eight steps so it’s easy even if you’ve never been to a game before.

1. Find a Field

It would be easy for someone to volunteer their backyard for the office softball game, but it’s not that simple. You’ll need enough space to meet field dimension regulations. If the bases are too close together, the game won’t prove very challenging or fun.

City management often rents fields to organizations or businesses. Contact your city representatives or check their website for more information on cost and scheduling. If there’s no way to do that, see if anyone knows people who own a field and don’t mind your company borrowing it for an afternoon.

2. Learn the Dimensions

Softball field dimensions are easy to find and implement. Before leaving for your field, print a helpful diagram and bring a measuring tape. Maintaining the correct distance between bases and along the back of the outfield makes it easier to play a fair game.

3. Get Your Bases

People will run across and jump on your bases, so if you can’t afford bases made specifically for softball games, make sure your replacements anchor into the ground to prevent tripping and injuries. You’ll need a first, second, and third base, plus the pitcher’s mound and a home plate.

You might also want two on-deck mats so the next people up to bat know where to stand to practice their swings and stay safe.

4. Outline Your Outfield Fence

If your field doesn’t already have a fence, you’ll need to outline your outfield markings. They’ll determine if someone hits a homerun, so measure the exact distance used by all official softball fields.

You’ll have to find a bigger field if your intended location doesn’t have enough room for the outfield, because then you’ll have an overlapping infield too.

5. Create Makeshift Dugouts

Company softball games should happen under a sunny sky so the weather makes everything more enjoyable. Makeshift dugouts will offer a helpful place for each team to find some shade.

They’ll also have some kind of seating and places for belongings, like cubbies or shelving, in case the game happens after work and people need to set their belongings aside.

Renting or making a large party tent is a great option for temporary dugouts. Set up a watercooler beneath each one and they’ll be ready to go in just a few minutes.

6. Locate Grass Paint

Grass paint outlines your infield and outfield, as well as the pitcher’s mound and on-deck circles. Find a spray can with an extended handle that’s easy to use without bending over to spray the grass. The paint will wash away with the rain so your rented field doesn’t have any permanent damage.

7. Assemble Extra Supplies

Event coordinators will act as coaches or umpires during the game, so you’re also in charge of bringing necessary supplies. Start preparing at least a week before the game by listing what you’ll need, like:

  • A water cooler and paper cups.
  • Snacks for afterward or a catered sandwich lunch.
  • An emergency kit with bandaids.

You’ll also want to give everyone hydrating drinks and bring trash bags for any waste. It’s always a good idea to get more than you need, too, because you never know what will happen.

8. Consider Additional Seating

Many office softball games invite family and friends to make it more fun for everyone. If that’s the case with your game, consider adding additional seating around your home plate.

Rent a set of bleachers or folding chairs so everyone has a place to sit and enjoy the game. They’ll also give your team players a chance to take a break between innings.

Set Up a Softball Field With Ease

Now that you know how to set up a softball field, you can send the invites to your big company game. Give everyone time to consider team names and invite their loved ones so it becomes a great event.

As long as you mark your field according to the correct dimensions, bring helpful supplies, and find your bases, everyone can bring their own bats and mitts to get the game started.

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