8 High Paying Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree


Not every job requires a college degree, and you can actually be quite successful without obtaining a degree. With the advent of the internet, it has become relatively easy to obtain a fake diploma, and as a result, employers are finding that such documents are becoming less and less reliable. In today’s job market, employers are placing an increasingly strong emphasis on skills and knowledge over formal qualifications. Skilled workers are in demand, and college costs are only getting more and more expensive. You can avoid these costs and make a good salary by pursuing one of the eight jobs found below that does not require a degree.

1. Flight Attendant

If you have a love of travel and of helping others, you should consider a career as a flight attendant. You only have to take an eight-week course and have to have your high school diploma in order to find o be of these jobs. You can get your hotels and any flights for yourself at an extremely discounted rate, making it well worth the job you have.

2. Police

A police officer does have to undergo basic training at a police academy, which is very difficult for some individuals. After this is complete though, you can begin your career as an officer in your jurisdiction where you can help others in your local area if you have a passion for people. Eventually, you can even become promoted through the many advancement opportunities in the field, whether that be as a sheriff or detective, for instance.

3. Electrician

An electrician is one of the highest paying roles for skilled workers that are always in demand. There is actually currently a shortage of electricians, and the field is always growing due to the changes that come to energy consumption and development. You do have to complete a vocational training course or an apprenticeship in order to find success in this specific field and find a job.

4. Carpenter

Another skilled job that does not require a college degree is that of a carpenter, and they are also in high demand. Carpenters also receive high pay for the role that they have, with some even making well over six figures for their annual salary. Again, you probably will have to undergo vocational training or some type of apprenticeship in order to get your foot in the door for this career path.

5. Real Estate Agent

It is well known that you can make so much money if you find success as a real estate agent.

You do have to complete a pre-licensure course that is up to sixty hours in some states and pass the licensure exam, however. You can earn as much as you want to with this career, however, and you can really grow a business for yourself and a name for yourself.

6. Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant is a great career field where you can work for any industry that you want to. You can even become an executive assistant where you work for the president or the CEO of a certain company in your area. A career as an executive assistant is actually the second highest paying job that you can obtain without a college degree, so it is definitely one to consider.

7. Distribution Staff

There is a multitude of Amazon jobs that work in the distribution industry, and there are many other Fortune 500 companies with careers available without a degree. The logistics industry is in high demand due to the growth of online shopping and e-commerce. If you end up getting promoted to a manager in any of these distribution centers though, you can make over six figures which is a very high-paying job.

8. Air Traffic Controller

The beginning of this list concerned a career in flight, and the end of this list will also concern this career path. An air traffic controller can make six figures, and you do not have to have a degree, though it is a competitive market. You do need at least three years of experience in order to obtain a job in this field, and you want your application to set you apart.

Final Thoughts

A college education is not made for everyone, and you can still find success even without a college degree under your plate. Consider one of the careers listed above for a job that will pay you well even if you do not have a college degree.

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