5 Essential Tips to Stay Productive While Working from Home


Due to the extended period of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote jobs became more than just a perk, keeping the number of people in a closed-up space has become a necessity. However, as much as staying asleep a bit more and avoiding the traffic jam is not all you get when you work from home. One of the major challenges of the domestic working environment is finding the motivation to work before you get too close to your deadline.

In this article, we’ll try and show you what you can do to stay productive when your home becomes your place of work.

Create a schedule

Every professional knows just how much time it takes to finish a certain task or at least make an informed estimate of the time it would take to finish the job. Therefore, creating a schedule that would include all your daily assignments and personal time allows you to maintain your productivity, as long as you stick to your plan.

Depending on the nature of your work and the extension of your deadlines, you can organize a daily or a weekly schedule.

Delegate when you must

Working around your colleagues has its advantages, one of those includes being able to seek assistance with pilled up work or a problem that daunts you. At home, when there’s nobody around you to help, you could lose hours figuring out how to deal with a certain issue, and that means the rest of your work suffers. Just as students seek dissertation help online, you can delegate the time-consuming work and focus on those tasks that need immediate attention.

Block unnecessary distractions

At work, we tend to keep social media activities at a minimum, if nothing then for the sakes of our peers. However, at home, we are in our kingdom where nobody can look down on us as we scroll endlessly through our Facebook feed instead of dealing with the task that stares at us from the computer screen.

Keep your phone off while working and use website filters when you work to avoid getting distracted in the middle of your work. Research shows that if we were to get distracted for just 15 minutes, it would take us another 23 minutes to become fully focused on our work again.

Maintain social life

We are social creatures and isolation doesn’t work well for us, which is why solitary confinement is a punishment only for the most troubling prison inmates. Although our coworkers can sometimes turn into a distraction, being alone for a long time harms our mental state, which makes us less eager to get work done.

Therefore, don’t avoid your family and friends when it’s not completely necessary. Social interaction can give us a positive boost and even help us find inspiration for the work that waits. Also, communicate with your coworkers to keep your mind aware that you’re still a part of the team even if you’re not working together at the time.

Separate workspace from home

This piece of advice is the best way to implement all the other tips we shared in this article. You won’t get too much work done if there are people watching TV or discussing matters that could trigger your involvement. The best way to keep your organizational plan working is to secure a place where nobody would jeopardize your agenda.


These were five simple tips that you can apply to stay productive even when there’s nobody to control your activity. Working from home allows you to plan your schedule as you see fit, so make the best of it. Stay healthy and stay safe even when you work from home.

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    Great tips as this working from home have gone on much longer than any of us thought it would. Maintaining social functions is important throughout it. We cannot work as an island forever! We need other people to communicate with and in-person is always best when possible. I’ve really learned to delegate more as I took on more client work the past year, it’s been a timesaver which in the long run is a money saver too 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

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