6 Tips for Improving Your Company’s SaaS


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software solution that allows you to access programs via your internet browser rather than requiring you to install or download them directly to your computer. It’s an excellent tool for compatibility and accessibility if used appropriately. Here are six tips for improving your company’s SaaS.

1. Scale Gradually

You should take care to scale your SaaS development gradually. It can be overwhelming and confusing to its users if it outpaces their training and access too quickly. Additionally, the software must be scaled in tandem with other technological upgrades. You cannot switch immediately and smoothly from hardware to cloud-based technology. Instead, migrate your software and teams over gradually, in small groups. This way, your transition can be scaled slowly and smoothly.

2. Train Employees

Whether employees are being onboarded or are experienced members of the team, they need to be trained on SaaS just like they would be trained to use any other technological tool. While the programs they’ll be accessing via SaaS may be ones they’re used to using, the way they’ll be accessing them will be different. Training will also help employees understand why you’ve switched to SaaS, especially those who may be finding the upgrade intimidating. You can incorporate SaaS training into your new employee onboarding process and create online or in-person training courses for current employees. Think about whether to dedicate an IT role to troubleshooting SaaS issues and helping employees learn to use it. You can also hire a SaaS Application Development Company to do the initial work or even train your people to make things easier for you.

3. Leverage Management Tools

There are SaaS managers available to help ensure all your data and programs are tracked and sorted. These programs are similar to CRMs and ERPs in that they help you optimize your SaaS tools by tracking application usage and keeping projects on schedule. If you utilize a management tool, you can automate many repetitive management tasks that an employee would normally need to do, which allows employees to focus more on other tasks.

4. Monitor Software

SaaS can enable you to more quickly and easily improve and update your technological tools, but you need to monitor it to learn where improvements can be made. You should periodically evaluate your SaaS systems and compare your output to that of competitors. You can ask employees to fill out surveys about their experiences with SaaS, including aspects of it they like and things they think could use some improvement. Then, you can decide whether to remove a tool entirely, spend time figuring out new strategies using the tool or plan to update the tool entirely.

5. Implement Security Programs

Due to its nature as a cloud-based tool, security is a vital component of any SaaS program. You must make sure you update your SaaS tools regularly, including installing any security patches your vendor supplies. Implement security that monitors network and software access points, protects data and hinders cyber criminals’ attempts to break into secure areas of your network. You should also periodically check which employees have access to which data and areas of your SaaS network. Make sure employees don’t utilize shadow IT, which software or apps used without the IT team’s knowledge or approval. These apps can become huge holes in your security.

6. Schedule Payments and Renewals

Many SaaS systems are subscription-based rather than something you own and store in-house. This means you will need to regularly pay for and renew the service. If you don’t, you will lose access to the tools or be unable to install vendor updates. It can be easy to forget to pay your monthly fee or to annually renew your subscription, so the best thing you can do is automate or schedule those tasks. If you want to pay and renew manually, you can set calendar appointments and reminders to do so. Or you can choose to set up automatic payments and renewal.

SaaS can greatly improve your company’s offerings and customer service, but to do so, it also needs to be utilized properly and improved as needed.

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