4 Party Ideas to Host for Your Employees After COVID-19


Over a year into the pandemic, it’s hard to remember what the freewheeling before-times were even like. With more of the population receiving vaccinations and case numbers falling, however, it seems a return to normal life might only be a few months away. If you’re a manager or boss, you should try to plan a work party for the weeks after the pandemic has essentially ended. This will give everybody a chance to blow off some steam and come together to celebrate the covid-free years ahead. Here are four ideas to consider for a future work party.

A Trip to a Bowling Alley

Bowling is one of those fun communal activities that we’ve all had to give up during the pandemic. That’s what makes it a great option for celebrating a return to normality. Bowling’s also great for making people laugh and forging memories. Who will ever forget how Jan from accounting threw a strike by rolling the ball between her legs? You’ll all be laughing around the water cooler for weeks.

A Classic Outdoor Barbecue

With the pandemic forcing people to stay home, some once-common activities will feel positively exhilarating. Something as simple as walking around a crowded patio with a plate of pasta salad has become the substance of dreams. Once the pandemic is over, you could make your workers immensely happy just by having them over for a barbecue. Smoke from grilling burgers mixing with the laughter of part guests is something we’ve all sorely missed.

A Costume Party

The pandemic and its concurrent economic crises have forced us all to be a bit more serious than we’d have like these last twelve months. Once life returns to normal, your employees might be craving a bit of unadulterated silliness. A costume party can provide hours of cheap, clean fun. All you’ll have to do to keep everyone happy is rent an event space, put on a little music, and order some pizza.

A Trip to a Karaoke Bar

To bring the fun and silliness to the next level, considering taking your staff out to a karaoke bar. As the drinks flow and the music throbs, you might just see your employees enjoying themselves like never before.

With the light finally visible at the end of the covid tunnel, it’s time for bosses to start planning employee parties once again. Any of these four ideas would be sure to give your workers the type of amazing time they’ve been missing.

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