Tips on How to Write an Excellent Essay


Writing essays and research papers are among the typical assignments in college. They are not simple and can invoke a considerable amount of stress and anxiety. Many learners try to avoid the task, but you cannot because it is part of the training. So, the best way to deal with the issue is to learn how you can do it.

Note that writing is not everyone’s favorite. So, we have compiled some tips to help you. The insight in this article will make your work easier, whether you love writing or not.

Analyze the Essay Prompt

The essential part of writing a compelling essay or an academic piece is to comprehend the question. You must take time to know what you are required to do. Many learners get a hard time because they do not read to understand the prompt.

You can articulate and write your essay excellently but still fail if it does not respond to the prompt. Ensures you understand the topic and the length. The prompt might be asking you to provide some information on a particular subject indirectly.

Form a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the backbone of your essay. It guides your writing and ensures that your work is articulated correctly. After understanding the essay prompt, be clear about what you want to argue in your piece. The thesis statement must be brief but incorporate the main points and shows the direction of your discussion.

Create an Outline

Outlining helps to plan your essay and get the best approach to complete your paper. Working from your thesis, plot out what you want to deliver in your writing. Outlining is vital in determining the flow of information and points to support your argument. A good outline makes the entire writing process more straightforward.

Start with the Essay Body

Many students struggle to write the introduction, but that should not be problematic. The best way is to start with the body. So, avoid burning out in the introduction and write the essay body first. Note that an introduction is a summary of what you have provided in your essay. Writing the body first allows you to know what you have provided, and making a summary becomes easier.

Start Paragraphs with a Topic Sentence

A topic sentence contains the paragraph’s theme that allows you to stick to what you intend to write. Learners who incorporate many ideas in one section do not start with a topic sentence. A topic sentence is always focused on the main idea to be discussed and offers contextual information to back your thesis. If you cannot write your project correctly, get experts online to assist you. They can also help you to deliver an excellent PhD statement of purpose.

Use Credible Sources  

Establishing credibility to support your thesis is an essential element in academic writing. The information you use to compose your paper must come from credible scholarly sources. If you are working online, Google Scholar can be an ideal platform to help you get credible sources for your assignments.

Do Not Fake Your Writing

When teachers assign you some tasks, they are not dumb. They will know if you have not understood the topic and use filler words to meet the word count. Take time to understand your subject so that each word will add value to your writing. You’d rather write a quality essay with slightly lesser words than meet the word count, and 80% of the piece is fluff.

Conclude Your Essay

A good article is divided into three sections. You have the introduction, body, and conclusion. In most cases, students do not understand the difference between a conclusion and the body paragraph’s last sentence.

A conclusion is a different section whose mandate is, to sum up, your essay’s contents. It enables you to recap the main ideas you have discussed and restate your thesis. Note that you do not add new ideas in your conclusion. It must also be brief and show that you have come to the close of your writing.

Proofread Your Task

Proofreading and editing is an active process that helps to improve the quality of your work. Editing allows you to look at various aspects such as grammar, subject agreement, and styling. Read your draft carefully and correct the mistakes to earn top scores.

If writing a persuasive paper has been a problem, follow the insight in this article and up your writing game. We have provided simple tips to ensure you enjoy your essay writing process.

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