How You Can Help Your New Hires Adjust and Be Comfortable In the Office


Beginning a new job can be intimidating for many people. There is the feeling of wanting to prove your worth and succeed to show that you are best for the position. However, there is also the intimidation of an entirely new office environment and set of co-workers to get to know and adjust to. You can help your new hires make the transition and become comfortable in their new work environment more quickly by making an effort to integrate them into your company. It’s beneficial to make new employees feel at home so that they can settle into their work and become an asset for your business.

Give Them a Tour

When your new employees arrive, give them a tour of the office space and facilities. Show them where the basics are, such as the breakroom, kitchen, and bathroom. You may want to give them advice and recommendations about nearby take-out places or coffee shops. Include a stop to the supply room and any other places they may need to access, such as the copy room or file storage area.

If their job includes servicing of equipment, show them the server area where the main computers and operations are held. Also explain any outdoor access they need, such as where to find the meter socket to ensure the power source is working as it should.

Introduce Them

Introduce everyone in your office to the new person. You can do so at a meeting or during a break where everyone is present, but a better way to do so without added strain is to simply introduce your new employee to their co-workers, support staff, and management during the office tour. This allows for a more relaxed greeting and sincere interaction than putting a person on the spot in a group setting.

Give Them the Tools They Need

If you want your new employees to succeed and feel comfortable, you should equip them with everything they need to do an excellent job for your company. Set them up right in their office or at their desk. Do a quick overview to make sure they have access to everything that they need, including a working computer and telephone, as well as plenty of support materials where they can find answers to easy questions until they get used to their duties. Also make sure that they have access to, and understand how to use, any other office equipment that is part of their job descriptions, such as printers and fax machines.

Encourage Them To Personalize Their Space

Recommend to new hires that they personalize their workspace and encourage them to add personal touches to their office or desk so that they feel more at home. Permit them to make their space as comfortable as possible. If they require a certain type of desk chair or prefer to use a lamp instead of the  

overhead fluorescent lighting, allow these minor concessions and changes that can greatly improve their performance. Your employee knows what they need to be efficient, and you should listen to them as long as their requests are within reason.

Get Them Started Working

One of the best ways to get your employees acclimated to their new job title and surroundings is to start them off with the work they will be doing as soon as possible. It’s vital they begin to get a feel for the work they will be doing, but ease them into these tasks and remember that there is a learning curve for adapting to your company’s particular policies and methods.

Keep Communication Open

Check in with your new hires often to see if they have any questions or concerns. Remind them to seek help when needed. Give them feedback on their job performance so they know the areas that they need to improve in and what they’re doing well. This bolsters their confidence and helps them continue to do a good job.

With a little effort and thought on your part, you can help any new hires to seamlessly integrate into your office culture. The sooner employees feel at home and confident, the sooner they will be a positive asset to your business.

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