Risks and Rewards of Social Media Recruiting: a 2021 Study


The role of social media in recruiting process has long been known to HR professionals. While the Covid-19 pandemic led to a situation where most companies were forced to switch to online recruitment, social networking sites’ role has increased even more.

No doubt, hidden behind four walls and masks, many of us acknowledged social media as an essential means of interpersonal communication these days. Lockdown has shown, however, that social networks, having the ability to connect people during this unusual period, prove to be an exceptional recruitment device.

Apart from typically professional LinkedIn, popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram can tell recruiters a lot about a candidate’s personality and lifestyle. After all, it is the internet where the lion’s share of our social life takes place, and it is there that both personal and professional relationships are built nowadays. No wonder most recruiters are tempted to check such platforms and screen potential job candidates prior to hiring.

That’s why at LiveCareer, we set out to discover the relationship between presence in social networking sites, social media activities, and the recruitment process. To achieve that, we’ve surveyed 100+ recruiters and hiring managers about social media’s role in recruiting and their best tips, as well as red flags to look for while preparing your social media presence.

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