Top AI Technologies Used in Mobile Apps


It goes without saying that Artificial Intelligence is one of the key trends in the area of mobile app development. Plus, AI is gradually entering our everyday routine activities whether it’s medicine, education, or production through mobile applications. And from the day of its invention and until today, AI technology has been improving. Thanks to its powerful ability to learn, AI is used in many areas. Statistically, the number of companies that have already implemented AI technologies has grown by 270% in the past three years. In this post, we’ll review the main reasons why AI is becoming more and more popular and the main AI technologies used in mobile apps.

Offers Automated Reasoning

To speed up the app, this is one of the main AI technologies, used for building mobile apps. The best example that can illustrate this scenario is the Uber app. It’s a well-known taxi booking mobile app where automated reasoning is used to find the nearest route to deliver users to their destination quicker. It quickly gathers data from other cab drivers and allows users to find a route quicker.

Allows to Learn Users’ Behavior Pattern

Both machine learning and natural language processing allow business owners to learn the behavior of users, their likes and dislikes. Plus, this technology can also study user behavior patterns to offer them exactly what they need at the moment. When this option is added to a mobile app, it will surely give users a much better and more personalized experience. Visit website to find out more about AI mobile app development.

The most widely used app that integrated this option is Netflix. It keeps track of users’ behavior and collects data. Based on this information, they make appropriate content recommendations.

Chatbots Do Monotonous Tasks Quicker

It is clear that it takes a lot of time to do repetitive tasks at work. No one likes doing this job as repetitive tasks waste a lot of time and don’t allow you to focus on more creative tasks. But AI can speed up this process and allows completing almost all monotonous tasks quickly and easily. When chatbots are used, users have more time to tackle other more creative challenges and solve real-time issues.

Chatbots allow companies to interact with users, answering typical questions. They interact with users that complete the feedback form and do this task quicker than humans. Chatbots are the so-called virtual assistants. Many world-known companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, and Apple are already using them.


The main goal of biometrics is to analyze, identify, and measure human behavior. It can easily recognize physical shapes, structures, and even the size of a human body. The biometric AI technology is a must-have tool in marketing as it knows voice and gesture control.

Text Recognition

Text Recognition is frequently called the natural language that pursues one goal – to quickly find the relevant information in the search engines, news, etc. In current times, this technology is mostly used in security and fraud detection systems.

Emotion Recognition

One of the greatest benefits of artificial intelligence is that it can read the emotions of a person. To do this, it uses audio data and image processing. It can quickly capture voice intonation to find out more about the emotions of a person. Today, this AI technology is mostly used by startups.

We can see that artificial intelligence is already used in mobile app development. And it won’t disappear in the near future. So if you are going to invest in a mobile app for your business needs, you should find a development team that keeps track of the latest trends in this niche and understands how to use these technologies in a mobile app. The best way to keep your standing customers engaged and attract more new users is to track their online behavior with the help of AI technologies. If you want to make it profitable, you should better equip your future mobile app with AI technologies. In doing so, you’ll surely stand out from the crowd and be ahead of your customers!

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