Supporting Your Mental and Physical Health while Working from Home


Working from home has long been seen as an ideal way to do work. No need to get up much earlier just to have time to dress, shower and arrive to work, but simply get up, make coffee and start your day. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to moving your office to your home. There’s so much more to working from home than not having to deal with bosses lurking left and right and having the ability to work in your pajamas. It’s been shown that spending all the time at home without having the chance to walk to work and spend time with colleagues at the office, quite detrimental for many people’s mental health.

The entire habit of going to work and doing daily tasks has transformed and took a huge toll on many people’s mental and physical health. Are you feeling like you’re having a difficult time staying focused and active? You’re in the right place because we know how to make working from home much easier on your body and psyche.

Do morning exercises

Staying active is imperative for having a clear mind and destressing. If you used to go to the gym regularly, and now you are not allowed to, your body will notice the change, and it will suffer. Therefore, instead of depriving your body of physical activity, consider introducing morning exercise into your daily routine. Get up an hour earlier than you used to and dedicate at least 30 minutes to exercising. Light stretching, yoga, aerobics, stationary cycling, the options are limitless. As long as you allow your body to stay active, both physical and mental health will improve.

Set up a workspace

Now that your home has become both your living and working space, you’ll need to have a separate nook where you work. Creating a clear boundary between your working and living space is essential for staying focused and feeling like you’re at work. Ideally, you’ll set up your office outside the bedroom. Focusing on work can be highly challenging when your comfy bed, a duvet and that cozy ambiance is all around you. If you live in a small apartment, think about investing in double-duty furniture that will act both as a separating wall between areas and as a shelf or sitting furniture.

Create a working routine

Going to work always includes a certain routine. You get up, wash your face, brush your teeth, shower, make coffee and maybe breakfast before you start getting dressed. After grooming yourself, you set off and spend at least 30 minutes arriving to work. When working from home, you’ll be skipping many of those steps because you don’t need to leave the house. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a working routine to make you feel like you’re going to work. Think about doing your daily grocery shop upon getting up and finishing your workout. Check out all the emails and important messages, reply to them before you start working on other tasks to have a worry-free rest of the day. By creating a routine, you’ll feel like you’re accomplishing much more and you won’t get stir crazy from staying home for too long.

Take regular breaks

Staying home can easily seem like a big break on its own, which can make you feel like you shouldn’t take too many breaks during the day. However, that would be the wrong approach. No matter the setting, we all need to take a break every few hours and take our mind off work. It helps clear the mind and improves focus. You don’t want to risk going through burnout just because you denied yourself a much-needed break. Many people working from home have tried the Pomodoro technique and said it works wonders for those having trouble focusing on their work and avoiding distractions.

Make time to pampering yourself

We all need a little bit of indulging every now and then. That is especially true when we spend so much time occupied with work and forget about self-care. To make working from home much easier on your mental health, be sure to set time apart for a spa day. Play soothing music, light up scented candles and treat yourself to a facial or full-body treatment. Maybe your partner can give you a relaxing massage. If you live alone, think about investing in a reliable neck massager and offer yourself a neck massage better than the one at the spa. It’ll allow you to relieve the tension and make you feel fully refreshed and reborn.

Unplug in the evening

It’s essential that we spend some time away from the computer screen, tv and phone. Our screen time easily rises to 8 hours a day which can be detrimental for eyesight and psyche. So, once you’re done with work, set aside at least an hour when you won’t be using any electronic device. Have a chat with your family, spend time with the kids or just unwind with a good book. Make your favourite hot brew, sit back and enjoy the silence. Your body and mind will appreciate it.

Get some air after work

Don’t let working from home prevent you from staying physically active. Not only should you stay in the move, but you should go outside and breathe in some fresh air. Ideally, go for a walk, a run or ride a bike. In the summer, walk to the beach and have a dip in the sea, ocean or river if you live on the coast. Anything that will keep you moving will be a good option. Work around the garden, play with the kids, or take a dog for a walk. As long as you’re staying outside, your mind will be cleared, and your body invigorated.

Set boundaries with other family members

Finally, when you have to work from home, you need to get rid of all distractions. Sometimes that’s not entirely possible, but some boundaries can be set. If you have children, create a clear sign that you’ll put on the office door that says they’re not supposed to enter unless there’s an emergency. Seeing you home will translate as mommy is home for the holiday, as the kids don’t know any better. Work out the system with your partner and prevent the kids from distracting you every so often. When the working hours are done, log off and don’t let anyone convince you into being available longer than when you were at the office. Being home doesn’t mean it’s more convenient to log back on because you have your work computer with you. Once working hours tick, your working day stops, and family time begins. 

Final thoughts

Supporting your mental and physical health while working from home may seem challenging, but it’s very manageable. All you need to do is set boundaries and create a new routine for yourself. You’ll need some time to adjust to it, but as long as you make sure you set time apart for self-care, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Stay active, unplug and pamper yourself to avoid burnout and protect your well-being.

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