Quit These 7 Habits for the Best 2021


Even though we’re already deep into 2021, it’s never too late to make a few changes to your habits and have the best and healthiest year so far. We all have a few habits that can be switched for something more beneficial, so here are a few that you can ditch this year and have a glow-up of your life.

Going to bed too late

One of the most common bad habits today is staying away too late at night. We have our TVs, our phones and our tablets, and these tend to make us lose track of time and stay up way past our bedtime. If you just go to sleep an hour before your usual bedtime, you won’t miss out on anything that’s happening online or on TV. In fact, you will gain better control of your circadian rhythm, rest your brain and body and allow them to function properly. If you’re trying to build muscle or lose weight, sleep is especially important since it allows muscle repair and burns calories.

Not exercising

Many of us hate the gym and get shivers every time we have to pass one on our way to work. But, the human body needs to be exercised every day. Luckily, you don’t have to hit the gym to do that. As long as you move your body and break a sweat every day, you’ll be golden!

Too much fast food

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in some fast food every now and then—this won’t ruin your diet, physique or health. However, if you have a habit to pick up fast food every day after work and binge-eat everything you got in front of the TV, this is something you should change ASAP. To take things slow, you can replace one or two fast-food meals with a tasty salad or a homemade soup. Both salads and soups can be ready in 30 minutes tops, so you don’t really have too many excuses not to add them to your menu.

Tobacco smoking

This horrible habit has no place in 2021. If you’re a passionate smoker, you know how hard it is to quit this habit. However, if you find a replacement, you don’t have to worry about quitting yet. It’s easy to find a good puff bar alternative that will allow you to seamlessly quit tobacco and switch to something less harmful and stinky. Refillable vape pens and e-cigarettes are available all over the world and they will help you deal with your tobacco addiction in an easy way.

Wasting time on social media

Social media is a great thing that makes our lives easier and more interesting. While at its beginning, social media had a purpose, these days, we just spend hours on it without any goal. Both adults and youth are wasting long hours on social media. Try to limit your social media use or install an app that locks your accounts when you spend too much time on Facebook or Instagram. Instead, grab a book, catch up with your work or homework, go for a walk or spend time with friends.


This is probably the hardest habit to break, but if you make baby steps, you’ll make it. Acting now is hard, leaving things for later is easy. However, your work and chores will catch up with you sooner or later. To stop procrastination gradually, make sure to do every task that takes 5 minutes or less right away. When you see how grateful your future self is, you will ditch procrastination forever.

Hiding in your comfort zone

Even though it might not seem so all the time, this life is filled with happiness and beauty—you just have to take risks and get out of your comfort zone to see them. Once you face difficulties in your life with courage, success will find you instantly. We all chose comfort to stay safe, but if you don’t leave this toxic zone soon, it will cause you to miss all the best parts of life. So do at least one new thing weekly or monthly.

After the unspeakable horrors of 2020, you deserve a year that’s filled with happiness, health and stability. All of these habit changes are pretty small, but they will add up and change your life completely. So, replace bad habits with some new ones today and reap the benefits all year round.

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