Small Business Ideas That Give You Flexibility


Starting a small business is one of the best ways to become financially independent and create a lifestyle you enjoy. With that said, there’s more to starting a small business than just the money. Ideally, your venture should give you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your life. Here are four small business ideas that will give you lots of flexibility.

Start a Website

Although it isn’t as easy to make money with a website as it was in the less competitive early days of the internet, blogging for money is still a viable business model. The beauty of making money with a niche website or blog is that you can earn a largely passive income and work on your own schedule. It takes a while for a site to begin earning enough for you to live on, but the flexibility you’ll achieve once you hit that point is well worth the wait.

Become a Professional Voice Actor

With more online video and audio content being created now than ever before, voice actors can earn high pay rates and work flexible schedules. If you can speak well and turn out professional-quality audio, brands will be willing to pay you to record voice-overs for ads and online videos. You’ll need some recording equipment to get started, but you should be able to recoup your investment fairly quickly.

Cut Hair in Your Home

If you don’t mind jumping through the hoops of professional licensing, you can start a hair salon in your home. As a home stylist, you’ll be able to set your hours of business and make appointments at times that are convenient to you. You’ll need sinks, salon chairs and other basic equipment to get started, and it helps to have a dedicated part of your home to use as a salon.

Start a Landscaping Business

A great way to make money as a small business owner is to start your own small landscaping company. Cutting grass, trimming trees and other essential yard work can pay handsomely, and you’ll be able to schedule weekly appointments with customers on the days you want to work. The work is hard, but the combination of money and freedom it provides make it a reasonable trade off.

With any one of these four business ideas, you can create a profitable and flexible income stream for yourself. Success won’t come overnight, but any of these businesses can become very lucrative if you’re willing to put in the work and build them up.

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