Scientific Proof That Your Best Days Are Still Ahead of You


We live in a culture obsessed with youth.  Wrinkle-reducing beauty creams tell us that age is something we must fight against, and to “let yourself go” is often seen as a sign of surrender and maybe even weakness. But there’s more to life than looking good in front of the mirror. In fact, there’s much more. All we need to do is embrace the journey.

Using the latest scientific research, CashNetUsa mapped out a human’s physical and mental development throughout its lifetime.  And here’s the good news: there’s no definitive cut-off point where any of us are suddenly ‘over the hill.’ Instead, life is a continuous journey where we reach different peaks at different times. It means that your best self might still be waiting for you.

For example, the brain’s processing power peaks at around 18 years of age. But you might not reach your full intellectual potential until your early 40s,  which is when the brain really learns how to concentrate.  This might explain why many artists and writers produce their best work after 40. Your 40s is also the prime age for launching a successful business or pursuing a second, and more rewarding, career. 

And there’s plenty to look forward to after that. Life skills like emotional intelligence and managing personal relationships can only blossom after decades of experience. But most importantly, research shows that overall life satisfaction and personal well-being hit the highest points during our 60s and 70s. 

Here’s a breakdown of all the ups and downs we go through during the course of a lifetime.

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