4 Ideas for Jumpstarting Your Business’s Marketing


Whether you’re trying to start a new business or getting more traffic for your current one, it’s clear that marketing is necessary to succeed in the modern economy. Try a few of these tactics to start your new marketing campaign off right.

Advertise on Social Media

Social media is an essential part of modern business communications. After you’ve perfected your profile and started to build a community, consider paying for promoted ads on Facebook, Twitter, or your platform of choice. Social media advertising can look like anything from promoting a single post to running a clever sidebar campaign that links back to your main account. The more creative you get, the more effective this form of advertising will be. As a way to improve your campaign, consider hiring a social media manager to help you post regularly and maintain a consistent tone of voice.

Start a Print Campaign

The business world may have gone digital, but print is far from dead. If anything, modern technology has made print assets better than ever before. Think about whether your company needs business cards, flyers, stationary, or any other assets that might add to your professional edge. Next, put together a simple mail-marketing plan that will let you get your message into local inboxes. Finally, find a company that offers digital print solutions, such as the Eastman Kodak Company, to help you turn your paper campaign into a reality.

Create a Viral Video

If you’re trying to market online, few things are quite as impactful as getting people’s attention with a vibrant and exciting video. If you have a marketing budget, consider commissioning something professional from a local video marketing team. Alternatively, you can also film and edit something with your employees; just make sure to get everyone’s consent before you put their face online. As with many other marketing tactics, this one only works if you’re creative – but if it works, your business could get a lot of attention.

Start a Mailing List

In a world where everyone checks their email constantly, mailing lists have become one of the best ways for businesses to reach their customers. Start collecting email addresses through a form on your website. Then, come up with special offers, industry news, and anything else that might encourage your favorite customers to re-engage. Mailing lists can take very different forms depending on the type of business you run, which makes them that much more interesting for your clients to read.

The best marketing campaigns always have a cohesive strategy behind them. Before you get started, sit down with your favorite marketing consultant to establish your brand. Then, you can start implementing ideas until something works and drives your business to success.

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