Be Upfront: 4 Things You Should Discuss With Your Agent Before Looking at Homes


When you are ready to buy a house, you need a real estate agent to help you. Having an agent both helps you save money and helps you find the best home. You and your agent will develop a surprisingly personal relationship during the homebuying process, which will help them find you the right home. However, for that to happen, there are a few things you need to be upfront about with them. Here are four conversations you want to have with your real estate agent when buying a house.


Talking about money can be uncomfortable. However, it’s a vital conversation when you are buying a house. Have an open and honest conversation about what you can realistically afford. Don’t be afraid to outline your other financial obligations so that the real estate agent has a full picture of your budget. A good agent will also help manage your expectations by informing you about the additional expenses to expect during the buying process so that you can account for those, too.

Services and Payment

When you start a relationship with a real estate agent, you want to know exactly what you can expect your agent to do for you. Have a frank conversation at the beginning of the process to clarify the real estate agent’s role. What will they be responsible for? What will you be responsible for? You also want to clarify what to expect in terms of communication. If you have questions, you may want an answer right away. Your real estate agent should let you know how quickly you should expect a turn around response. Finally, you want to be 100% clear on payment. Go over all fees and commission that the real estate agent will receive from the beginning to the end of the sale. While the commission is usually paid by the seller, you want to make sure you have every detail ironed out.

Needs and Wants

When looking at houses, there are certain things you absolutely need and certain things that you may simply want. For example, you may absolutely need a large yard for your dogs and kids. However, an island in the kitchen may be a want rather than a need, depending on the buyer. Whatever these items are, you need to tell your real estate agent your priorities so that they can find something that suits your specific desires.


You need to have a conversation with your real estate agent about the time frame in which you want to buy your house. Let the real estate agent know if you are under any important time restraints.

A new house is a new step in your life. It’s a long commitment, and you want to get the right house for you and your family. The right real estate agent can help you with that. Talk to your agent about these topics from the beginning.

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