What the WFH revolution means for HR professionals


We’re in the midst of a revolution. But rather than overthrowing a government or social order, we’re toppling traditional working environments, rebelling against that daily commute and protesting our right to work in our loungewear. 

The working from home revolution has changed the way we run our businesses and the way we earn a living, forever. What seemed like a temporary fix to a worldwide issue, has evolved into a permanent solution, with fewer people than ever expected to return to a traditional office environment when restrictions are lifted. One of the biggest departments facing this change is HR. 

HR is the beating heart of any business, but when that business is scattered throughout home offices across the globe, it can leave a question mark over its efficacy and how this crucial department will look post-pandemic. One solution many HR professionals are turning to is the use of HR software. By using HR software, HR teams will be able to streamline their work, continue to maximise employee potential and carry on helping business owners make informed decisions. 

Want to know more? Read on to discover what the WFH revolution means for HR professionals. 

Less admin and more time for bigger tasks

One of the biggest bugbears of an HR rep is the volume of small admin tasks that consume most of their working day. And if employees are WFH, the last thing they need is to muddle through confusing email chains or wait around for employees to send the right files or information across. This approach will have a domino effect on their daily productivity. With the right HR software application, these issues are a thing of the past. Reps can expect:

  • A full self-service platform where employees can manage their own admin
  • Submission of holiday requests and queries
  • Sick days and expenses information
  • Payroll to be available in one fully digitised and automated place

Better management of employee performance

The WFH revolution has many pros, but the cons can be detrimental to the progress and the potential of your employees who can no longer visit HR to speak with their rep. With HR software, however, you can track all employee progress and behaviour remotely, with total ease. You can utilise the following:

  • Track employee performance and reviews, targets, and attendance. Flagging up any issues along the way
  • Oversee skills and any training opportunities that may benefit employees’ career
  • Fully customisable dashboards for individual employees so they can monitor their own progress

Identify rising stars from home

Securing the future of your business is one of the many roles of an HR rep, as they’re actively searching for potential leaders and those who are rising above the ranks to make your business the success story you’ve always dreamt of. At a glance, WFH could make this process difficult and complicated, but with HR software, reps can:

  • Use one reliable source of information to assess performance and skills
  • Set leadership goals and performance targets
  • Highlight training opportunities and forecast personal growth

Final thoughts…

In truth, HR pros should be prepared to embrace new technologies and software that make working from home accessible, productive, and worthwhile for all employees. Speak with SAGE.com for more information. 

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