How to Measure Quality in Manufacturing Processes


With so many different types of products to make, and with so many industry-specifications to meet, manufacturers must ensure that the finish of products is of the highest quality. When evaluating the quality of manufacturing processes and end products, there are a number of performance criteria that need to be taken into consideration. The criteria will differ depending on the exact type of product being produced and the industry for which it is being made. Find out more in the following insightful overview of how to measure quality in manufacturing processes.

How to Find Quality Manufacturers

While there are various specific ways in which quality can be measured in manufacturing processes, one of the best ways of finding a high-quality manufacturer for your machining needs is to look at customer testimonials and reviews. For example, Revelation Machinery is a company with great reviews. On Google, you will find a total of 27 reviews for the company, and each review gives a five-out-of-five rating. By looking at companies’ certifications and memberships, you will also be able to find a reputable manufacturing business that provides high-quality services more easily.

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Measuring Quality in Commercial Products

Reputable manufacturing companies ensure their commercial products, such as process machinery, transportation, and general mechanical products, are of a high-quality in several ways. Firstly, all members of the production staff will be qualified to read and interpret blueprints for parts and products. By fully understanding what is required to properly define tolerances and finish specifications, manufacturers can be sure they are making high-quality products to exact customer specifications. Machine shop staff will also perform a full first article inspection and a final inspection, or statistical process control checks when necessary, to ensure all commercial products are of the highest quality. Comparator tools and approved control samples also enable manufacturing processes to achieve a high-end finish.

Measuring Quality for Specific Industry Applications

When it comes to producing parts and products for more specific industries, manufacturers must meet industry requirements. For example, in the aerospace industry, most manufacturing companies use audited quality management systems that require both internal and external audits to verify documented procedures are followed, thereby guaranteeing quality results for various standards that must be met. Measurement instruments will be calibrated to NIST standards, a rigorous understanding of things like geometric dimensioning and tolerancing must be adopted by all employees, and physical and chemical test reports need to be supplied for any material being used. Geometric requirements are of particular importance for producing parts and products for industries like aerospace. For instance, if a welded architectural assembly of, say, 30 x 10 inches is required, the terms of squareness and straightness will be critical. Therefore, a print-copy inspection record can be used to record the final results of the product, allowing clients to understand how the product will interact with an existing substructure like a curtain wall or mounting system.

Measuring Quality for Architectural and Ornamental Products

Ornamental and architectural products require high degrees of quality finishing, and often specialty finishes are required, such as oxidized finishes, non-directional polishing, and blackened steel. Even a small scratch can affect the quality of a final product. If any defects, no matter how minor, are discovered, extensive additional work could be required to correct the mistake. So, it is crucial that manufacturers are highly trained and know how to utilize quality control to ensure no defects occur. Typically, methodologies for specific architectural and ornamental products are agreed upon prior to the manufacturing process to ensure the quality exactly matches the client’s expectations.

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