Changes Your Business Should Expect After the Pandemic


The novel coronavirus and the disease it causes have wreaked havoc on the national economy. Because the economy and the people cannot be truly separate, there have been some changes that may endure in business long after the pandemic has passed. You should be prepared to make some changes and keep going as a business.

1. Businesses That Actually Care

It’s not surprising that during the unprecedented crisis of the pandemic, people are paying more attention to the actions of corporations. While it may seem unfortunate that businesses that don’t treat their employees well are being held to account, that’s business. If your brand—or what was formerly called your reputation—doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, you won’t pass, even after this crisis is past. Now is the time to show more value to people—make a point of it. Once the pandemic is over, people will remember. This is not a passing trend, but a change in the zeitgeist, so be mindful.

2. Some Workers Can Work from Home

It wasn’t a few weeks, as was first thought. Rather, many workers who have been working from home for months now say they don’t miss the commute, getting ready, or the expense of travel. While some may long for office connections once more, it’s apparent that this change may be here to stay. Even for businesses that primarily function as retail, such as smaller stores and shops, have employees that can work just as well from home. The trial-by-fire that was and is the pandemic have shown where gaps exist and technologies are lacking, but those gaps are being swiftly filled in and new technology developed. For many businesses, employees working from home has become the obvious choice, even once the pandemic has passed.

3. Masks and Hand Sanitizers Are Here to Stay

Even once we control the pandemic, there’s still a long way to go toward being well as far as the population is concerned. For the foreseeable future, masks and hand sanitizers are permanent features of any establishment that wants to keep its doors open. To buy N95 masks for personal use and employees is one of those aspects that likely won’t go away quickly, because people recognize their potential to keep people safe. They filter out most of the smaller particles we breathe in and almost all of what we breathe out.

It doesn’t require very much logic to see that people will continue to wear masks even after the pandemic itself is under control, because the danger is still very real that they could give it to someone they know. That means hand sanitizer will be either provided or carried by a person. Hands will continue to be washed and masks worn. An individual who spurns these common deterrents will be avoided by many.

4. Healthcare Policy Will Get A Facelift

If nothing more, this pandemic has shown what a sham the healthcare system is in the United States. What has become apparent is that public health is paramount to the economy, and, quite simply, no one is undeserving of it. Employers should expect changes in how they allocate health care benefits. Because of loopholes in the present laws, many have gotten away with firing individuals who had to take sick leave to either care for a person with COVID or to be sick themselves. This cannot be allowed to continue if the economy is to recover because the vast majority of individuals impacted are the ones making the small-but-not-insignificant purchases.

5. The Domestic Supply Chain

While the produce of domestic goods has been languishing for years, the pandemic made it imperative to have a secure supply of raw materials and various component parts available. It was not, because many companies outsource the production of goods to economies that are set up for it. The supply chain in this country has seen a rebound, and more will come to pass. Not only should the United States grow its economy from an information-only economy to one that still produces goods, but the changing world demands it.


As a business owner, you’re prepared to move with the currents, and this is no exception. Because the pandemic is and was a huge even in many lives, one should expect it to offer changes. However, they don’t all need to be bad or unexpected.

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