Moving Offices? 4 Tips for Making the Transition as Smooth as Possible


Relocating your office doesn’t have to be stressful and time consuming to an already-busy schedule. There are tips to help you with every moving task from packing correctly to preventing damages. Learn these four tips to improve the smooth transition between your two offices.

Plan for Months in Advance

In some cases, moving from one office to another is done in a few days. It’s possible to hire a professional moving team and have them complete all of their tasks in one whole day. But since you cannot guarantee the best job, make sure that you save the greatest amount of time, energy and money. You want to research the company well and prepare a list of things to pack, so plan your move for several months ahead of time.

Contact a Project Manager

Every workplace should be familiar with the hiring of project managers. Hire a manager if you expect a move that’s more complicated than usual. This person will set deadlines for the project’s completion, list tasks in order of importance, assign duties to all workers and work side by side with professional movers. Moving an office may involve several departments and hundreds of different workers along with massive amounts of inventory and equipment. It’s always a good idea to hire an expert in planning, organizing and managing.

Look for Third-Party Services

First, hire a professional moving company to handle every step of an office move. During the packing process, you may find things that you want to get rid of and not take to your new location. Rent self storage units to store any items that cannot be kept at the old office, taken to the new one or taken to your home, such as furniture or computers that have no permanent homes yet.

Deep Clean the Office

After several years, a typical office is full of furniture dust, carpet stains and spotty windows. When you move furniture around, you’re guaranteed to uncover unclean areas that cannot be left in that condition. As common courtesy to the next possessors of your office, clean the area thoroughly from top to bottom. Deep cleaning is recommended and best performed by professional commercial cleaners.

Consider moving your belongings from one bedroom to the next. A good number of actions could go wrong and require you to start over again and make the move take longer than necessary. From the beginning, be well prepared for switching between offices so that you focus mostly on getting used to your new setting.

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