How to Improve Wellness of Your Home Workstation


Working from home may sound fantastic, but you still need to make certain adjustments to make it comfortable. Taking frequent breaks to rest is crucial, but a lot of your productivity also depends on the space you are in. If you are setting up your home workstation, here are tips on how to improve wellness and create an inspiring environment.

Find the perfect spot for your home workstation

It’s all about finding the right place to call it your home workstation. This perfect spot can be anywhere with enough room, light, and privacy for uninterrupted work. Make sure that you also have enough room to stretch and move to prevent stiff muscles and back pain. Noise can ruin your concentration, so try to install a home office away from the children’s room, street windows, and living area.

Decorate with plants

Biophilic office design has been on the rise in the past decade, pointing out the value of having nature in your workspace. Plants are essential for creating a wellness ambiance since they have soothing and mood-boosting effects on the mind. They also increase oxygen levels in the room and help you stay focused on the work by giving your eyes a pleasant resting spot. Just remember that lush and leafy plants are a better choice than cacti and flowers with distracting fragrances.

Invite natural light

Natural light is ideal to improve wellness in your home workstations. Even if you are working from home, you can spend a full shift of eight hours glued to your desk and not go outside. Daylight can keep your stress under control, enhance circadian rhythm for better sleep, and get your serotonin levels up. Position your desk so that the window is on your left or right side to avoid distractions. If sunlight prevents you from working, use translucent and airy curtains that will still keep the space bright without bothering your eyes.

Use an ergonomic chair

Sitting the whole day can lead to pain, bad posture, and problems with circulation. While regular breaks and light exercise are crucial, you also have to pay attention to the way you sit at your desk. An ergonomic chair offers posture support and can reduce pain in the lower back and neck. Since it provides suitable seat depth, you will put less pressure on your hips that hold down the weight of your body. Additionally, ergonomic chairs are adjustable and you can set the back recline, depth, armrests, and height to specifically suit your body.

Install appropriate lighting

When natural light is unavailable or you work at night, you need to include artificial lighting from a desk lamp. To avoid glare on the monitor and more strain to your eyes, let the lamp shine down on the desk and not at your computer screen or keyboard. A desk lamp is a much better choice than overhead light since it allows you to control it and make the environment appropriate for work.

Get a standing desk

A sit-to-stand desk gives you a choice to quickly switch positions while working and prevent uncomfortable feelings in your back and extremities. When standing, use soft anti fatigue mats to create a comfortable standing surface that will ease pressure on the body. A standing desk is also a great way to do leg exercises while working or in a video meeting. This can improve circulation, normalize your blood pressure, and help you manage your stress levels.

Embrace color in the design

Color can have a lot of influence on the way you feel and your productivity. Some colors are known to boost creativity and energize, like red and yellow. Blue has a calming effect and can help with focus, but too much of it may relax you too much. Green is great for improving concentration and brings the natural element into your home workstation. When you choose colors for the office, start from the shades you like since otherwise you may create a space that will annoy you.

The bottom line

The smallest cosmetic change can improve the wellness of your home workstation and make it more agreeable to perform your tasks. After all, the smallest space can stimulate productivity if you use design tricks like these to make it enjoyable for an eight-hour shift.

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