7 Desk Toys to Make Work a Little More Fun


Imagine yourself sitting at your desk at the office, watching the time slowly creep by? Are you feeling exhausted and bored? Why not look for something to place on your desk, which you can watch for a minute at a time. That will assist you in some way in the cause to combat tediousness and dullness. So, I have looked at some of the best desk toys or office toys to include in your arsenal of stress-killers. These desk toys and gadgets will ensure to make your time at the office pass quicker. I am hoping that you will find one that will match your needs and preferences.

Top Desk Toys Available Today


This is one of the best desk toys you need to consider if you want to get rid of the office’s boredom. You will surely love these magnetic balls. You can mold this one into pyramids, cylinders, globes, ropes, bridges, boats, and many others, or just about any objects that come to your mind. Buckyball is easy to hold and maneuver and, most of all, works great for boring and tedious toying around, most particularly in a room where silence is very vital.

SKEYE Nano Drone

Consumer drone technology has made light-years further than what we perhaps conceived it would be even many years ago. At this moment, there are four-channel nano drones, which is super lightweight and come with six-axis flight control technologies. The best thing about this drone is capable of doing backflipping with just one press of a button. What makes this desk toy so amazing is the price. You can have one for only 24 bucks. This is cheaper than one box of pizza. This can get rid of your boredom and stress at the office. So, why not get one.

Big Shot Tavern Puzzle

There are some points that keeping things straightforward is very vital. Big Shot Tavern Puzzle is a true ball breaker. On the other hand, the styling is very classic and has middle-aged designs. According to history, knights give this kind of puzzle to their spouses prior to leaving for quests or adventures to assist them in getting rid of boredom and desperation. However, don’t be fooled by its design and age; there is a significant reason why this thing is still existing at this point and maybe because of its effectiveness in keeping the mind occupied, thus forgetting the stress and anxiety. You must definitely get this one. It is available for a reasonable price.

Fidget Cube

This is also one of the best desk toys that you can consider if you want to kill boredom at the workplace. Everybody experiences terrible days. You are sitting in front of your desktop for 12 hours, trying to keep focused. However, you cannot handle getting down to it and knuckle down for the life of you. You begin tapping your foot, clicking the signing pen, spinning and turning in the swivel chair, pacing, or doing anything to keep yourself pushing forward. Why not try getting a Fidget Cube. This is a tiny desktop doohickey that integrates a slew of conventional fidgety things such as a joystick, a switch, a clicker, socket and clickable ball, a set of rolling gears as well as a rotating dial to keep you occupied and keep focused without losing the temper and your thinking. This is successfully launched on Kickstarter and considered the best and perfect office toy. I think this is the best time to own this one as you can have this for as low as $19. It has an original price of $25.

The Jack Puzzle

At this point, you are staring at that, and you are witnessing six brass sticks that have chunks taken out of them. You are puzzled and might even be a bit annoyed at us for recommending this stuff. What you are really looking at is a middle bending as well as superbly frustrating modest mind game created of a tough pound of precision-milled brass.

The Feel Flux

There are many types of desktop toys available, which make it hard to buy the best one. How about you? What features do you want from a desk toy? Something straightforward but engaging or something puzzling but so easy to clear up? Do you want a desk toy that is fun however not juvenile? Well, I am happy to introduce this desktop toy called The Feel Flux. Two contesting or countering magnets collaborated to make a fun and exciting little desktop toy. It may take a while to know how this thing works; however, once you get used to it, things get exciting and fun. This will surely take away your boredom. On the other hand, please keep this thing away from your computers, phones, or anything built in memory. This is a very powerful magnet that can destroy your gadget.

Concept Zero Ferrofluid

There’s no point to this game. As a matter of fact, it is not your usual game after all. It is perhaps the coolest thing on the list. This was created by Steve Papell, a NASA employee in 1963, as a liquid rocket fuel. This one is an extremely magnetic substance that makes for lots of excitement and fun in the presence of the very magnetic fluid in bottles with water, and the time you grasp a magnet to it, it makes a ridiculous and weird shape. There is a lot of science that is involved in this amazing thing. But the best thing about it is that it is fun and ideal for a desk. This will surely make all your worries and pressure away.

Smart Rubik’s cube

This is so much fun! Combining technology and algorithms is just what you need to get your brain wheels rolling. You can practice during long meetings and learn how to solve a rubik’s cube pretty fast.


These are just some of the best desktop toys that can assist you fight and eliminate boredom and stress at the office. Stress has many harmful effects, so make sure to find ways to combat it, and these desk toys can really help keep you occupied and eliminate stress.

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