3 Places to See When COVID-19 Is Over


The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has changed life as we know it, from upending business activities to modifying recreational facilities. Whether you aspire to enjoy a night on the town or want to grab a bite at your favorite restaurant, you now have to go through a slew of novel measures before achieving the required feat.

This approach also applies to travel and tourism, where many popular destinations have either closed their doors entirely or started operating on a limited capacity. From globally famous resorts to top-rated museums, you can notice this practice all around the world.

But seeing that these measures are necessary for public health, you have to adapt to them either way. From adhering to mask-wearing to accepting travel restrictions, you need to embrace these changes for your own safety as well as the safety of others. 

With that said, the current limitations don’t stop you from dreaming about breathtaking destinations. In fact, the thought of traveling in a post-pandemic world is exactly what’s keeping many people optimistic about life after the novel coronavirus.

If you identify with this group of hopeful travelers, learning about places to see after COVID-19 might give you the positivity you need during this difficult time. To help you weave these inspirational plans for the future, here’s an overview of 3 places to visit once the novel coronavirus is over.

1. Hawaii, United States

You don’t have to cross the U.S. border to take in the sights of nature or enjoy unique attractions. If you like the idea of spectacular beaches, adventurous activities, and mouthwatering food, the State of Hawaii can fulfill all your vacation aspirations with ease. 

From taking surfing lessons in Honolulu to watching volcanoes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii lets you participate in plenty of unique activities against a backdrop of scenic sights. When you want to take a little break from the thrill, walking along the sparkling blue waters and the glittering sands can deliver the tranquility you need. Spend a day paddleboarding around the serene Hawaiian reefs, surf the North Shore waves, or rent some kayaks to explore the beautiful beaches of Waikiki. 

But if you want even more distinct experiences, you can find them in observing local Hawaiian flora and fauna. From its avian creatures to its marine life, the Aloha State has many native as well as foreign species that call the place home. Whether you want to interact with Siamangs at the Honolulu Zoo or watch bottlenose dolphins swimming through the ocean, the sight never disappoints. 

Staying true to its status as the Paradise of the Pacific, Hawaii also holds a slew of lavish resorts on its lands. No matter if you want a luxurious stay or aspire to be one with nature, these accommodations can strike the perfect balance between upscale facilities and authentic experiences alike.

While you focus on decorating your home office, the thoughts of Hawaii can give you the inspiration you need to look forward to life after COVID-19. Since the state is more accessible than several international destinations, this is one vacation dream that has a high chance of coming to fruition for many U.S. residents. 

2. South Island, New Zealand

From the magnificent Southern Alps to the incredible Fiordland National Park, New Zealand’s South Island is pretty enriched in terms of its stunning landscapes. Whether you want to take in the visuals of snowy mountains or need to bask in the glory of serene lakes, the island has all that you may expect from nature at its best. 

But apart from these astounding sights, you can also indulge in thrilling adventure sports. While kayaking is a popular activity within the region, bungee jumping spots are also highly sought after tourist attractions. If you want to veer away from these options, you can ski on snowy mountains instead. 

Due to its stature within the travel industry, South Island also has a tourist-friendly approach. This has led the region to hold several luxury as well as affordable accommodations on its lands. The local cuisine is full of seafood offerings, but you can also find plenty of other options that range from savory to sweet dishes alike. 

Thanks to its massive focus on sustainability, New Zealand also puts ecotourism practices front and center. This lets you explore one of a kind sights of rich forests, formidable mountains, and beautiful water formations. You can also take guided tours to observe local marine life and native birds in their natural habitat. 

As a result, New Zealand stands out of the crowd as one of the most appealing tourist destinations to visit after COVID-19. As you focus on healthy beverages within the safety of your home, looking forward to this wonder of nature might easily fuel your optimism.

3. San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica, has incredible experiences to offer to anyone who sets foot on its lands. From stunning natural scapes to awe-inspiring wildlife tours, the city can tick all the boxes on your list of a dream vacation.

But when you visit San Jose, one of the first things you notice is the city’s unique architecture. However, before you are done exploring sights such as the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Jose and the National Theatre of Costa Rica, you might be attracted to nearby areas’ many natural sights. 

These options include but are not limited to the Poas Volcano National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, and Tortuga Island. Each of these locations is home to fabulous sights of nature and offers highly unique experiences that you can cherish for a long time. 

When it comes to food, San Jose fills your table with traditional Costa Rican cuisine. Casado stands out as the most remarkable offering, and delivers a type of flavor that is highly distinct to the country. You can also enjoy local produce and take the taste home with you until the next time you come to Costa Rica.

Lodging options in San Jose range from upscale offerings to affordable accommodations. This makes sure that you don’t have to pay a small fortune to spend a few nights in this magnificent country. 

Due to these features, Costa Rica can easily serve as the inspiration for your dream vacation during COVID-19. While you focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic, you can look forward to what the country has to offer once the outbreak is over.

These regions are rich in natural sights and have a lot to offer in terms of unique activities. By focusing your energy on your future travel plans to these destinations, you can instill some much-needed positivity into your thoughts while battling the challenges of COVID-19.

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