The Best in Bingo


Bingo has been a popular pastime since its early invention in the 16th century – although back then, it looked a lot different to what we’re used to seeing today. Since then, the game has evolved, coming on leaps and bounds whilst finding itself being played in all corners of the world. What’s more, Bingo has also made a name for itself online, with so many people opting for this fun and accessible way to play the much-loved classic. But, what are the best online Bingo games to play? Well, we’re glad you asked, because we’re about to talk you through some of the best Bingo gaming options that the internet has to offer! Read on to find out more.

Age of the Gods Bingo Room

Another great addition to the Age of the Gods franchise is this 90 ball Bingo game. Most known for their slot adventures, this could be the perfect choice to finish off your casino gaming session. Despite being based online, the rules and prizes are no different to what you’d expect to find in your local Bingo hall. In terms of prizes, you’ll need to look out for the one line, two line and House rewards. If all of the numbers in a horizontal line on your card have been called and crossed off, then the one-line prize will be yours, similarly two lines called and crossed off will bag you a win. Lastly, to get that House prize, you’ll need to have all numbers on your tickets marked off. More than one player can win each prize, although that will require the prize pot to be shared.

If all of that classic gameplay isn’t enough to keep you entertained, then there’s also an Arena of the Gods feature game that you can trigger and enjoy. This is a post-game treat, set in the fighting arena, in the form of a grid containing nine coins. The player who bagged the full house prize will be selecting the coins, and whichever mythological character is behind that coin will dictate the bonus prize which will then be shared between all participating players.

Rainbow Riches Bingo Room

Another Slots-inspired game; the Rainbow Riches online tickets are quite different to what you might be used to, coming in the form of two four leaf clovers, split into sections where the numbers will then reside. The prizes in this game are also slightly different – with just one Clover and House on offer. When it comes to the value of these prizes, whilst there will be a pre-determined minimum amount, the actual prize pot is determined by how many people play and the number of tickets that are bought. 

The one Clover prize is won when a player has all four numbers on one of the clovers on their ticket called out and crossed off. As you will most likely be familiar with, the House prize will be yours if you have all numbered sections called and crossed off on your ticket. More than one player can win these prizes, however that will mean that the overall bounty will be shared.

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