Perfect Gifts for Your Favorite Entrepreneur in 2021


Did you just hear that your colleague is resigning and starting their own business? Or maybe your SO is nearing their first business-opening anniversary. No matter the occasion, you always want to surprise your favorite entrepreneur with a gift that will show that you care and appreciate their success and hard work. But what do you get a perfectly bossy business owner? Here are a few gift ideas that will definitely work.

Universal remote

Does their office often look super messy and lined with cables? Gadgets, office electronics and office entertainment can quickly make a huge clutter, so help them centralize their electronics with a control center—one place where they can plug all their systems and one controller to rule them all. Some universal remotes even work with Google Voice and Amazon Alexa, so they can perform various actions hands-free.  

Designer Clothes

Get your entrepreneur a set of fresh designer clothes he can wear on a daily basis. Fashion can sometimes be overwhelming for some people but given the right options, it can go a long way in expressing a person’s personality and boosting their confidence. Aside from a boost in confidence, it also helps people perceive a person as reliable. 

Something for their pearly whites

A confident smile can be a game-changer in the business world, so if your entrepreneur is often complaining about their pearly whites, don’t hesitate to book them an appointment with a good dentist. There’s even technology that can provide your gift recipient with a custom teeth alignment with clear aligners to strengthen their teeth. This will be a perfect gift for a serious business owner who’s not keen on braces. If that’s too big of a struggle for you, a simple teeth cleaning and whitening will also be a great gift.

Health supplements

If your entrepreneur is often on the road, they are probably finding it hard to eat well, stay active or get enough sun. In that case, they will benefit greatly from a mix of supplements and vitamins. You can consult with them, ask a little about their diet and habits and put together a great mix of supplements they can take all year round to up their health game.

A new wallet

Are you worried your friend will soon run out of space in their wallet to stack money? Well, surprise them with a new wallet that will not only be handy but also look stylish and expensive. If they lean more on the minimalist side, you can grab a sleek cardholder wallet that will fit all their essentials like credit cards, IDs and business cards. Thanks to their slim design and beautiful casing, these cardholder wallets look and feel very professional.

A stylish watch

A busy business owner always needs to stay on time, so getting them a nice watch will be a true bull’s eye. If you don’t know what they like, you can subscribe them to a subscription box from

Watch Gang so they can get a stylish watch from a top brand every month (they use unsold inventory from brands with your recipient’s style). A watch collector will appreciate this gift every day.

Business cards

Even if you know your entrepreneur already has business cards, them might want something fresh and modern for the new period in their company. Or they might rather want promotional material like stickers, notecards or postcards to spread their brand awareness. Some printing companies even offer gift cards so you can let your entrepreneur choose the look of their new cards while you pay.

Shower notepad

We all know that the best ideas come in the shower. But that problem is that water doesn’t agree with phones, laptops or paper. But, you can still help your entrepreneur keep their ideas written down with a shower notepad. This waterproof notepad sticks to their shower wall and allows people to scribble down whatever is on their mind. Combine this small gift with a pampering kit with all sorts of body scrubs, face masks and hair care products that will make them look radiant even when they are running on fumes.

French press

Businesses take a ton of time and dedication in order to become profitable operations. This usually translates to sleepless nights and early morning rises, so coffee will definitely come in handy. Let your favorite business owner start their days on the right note with a French press that will save even the gloomiest of mornings. Pair it with a stainless steel mug so they can take their coffee to go when they are getting late for meetings.

With these gift ideas, your favorite entrepreneur will become even more successful, or at least feel super loved and appreciated.

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