How To Curate Calm In Your Home Office


More of us are now working remotely, and with this likely to continue into the near future, the office environment has become an essential part of our home life. With life and work in the balance, creating a stress-free zone can help you be more creative and productive. Here are some effective ways that the décor of your home office can help create the perfect calming atmosphere. 

Choose the right office furniture 

If you don’t already have office furniture its best to invest in a sturdy desk and comfortable chair, that are the correct height. Back aches and pains can cause irritability and stress, which no one needs when they’re trying to work. 

The standard suggested height for an office desk is around 34 inches, which allows for you to have enough room to sit comfortably underneath it, whilst also not being forced to hunch over your work or strain your wrists. If you are using existing furniture, like a dining room table, try and purchase a laptop stand so that you don’t cause problems for your back, wrists and shoulders. 

When it comes to your office chair, it really is worth investing in the best one you can afford, as not only are they designed specifically for sitting and working, but it will also make you more productive if you have the correct posture. 

Brighten up the space

If you’ve got a dedicated space for your home office, then you can decorate it to create a calm yet productive atmosphere. A luxury wallpaper can help refresh the walls, bring colour to the area, and revitalise your working environment. 

Even if you haven’t got a specific room for an office, make sure the space where you are doing your work is a zone separate from the rest of the house. You can still have a work station where you can easily create a hub of positives vibes, through cleverly positioned plants and lighting. 

Natural light is best, so don’t place your desk in a dark corner or tucked away somewhere, as you don’t want darkness associated with your workplace. The natural light from the sunshine will bring a positive and calming ambience to the room. Appropriately placed artificial lights can also help with the strain of looking too long at a screen. 

What’s more, plants are a welcomed addition to the home office, as they naturally purify the air circulation, so literally create a better atmosphere for working. They also create an aura of relaxation and can easily be placed on your desk in a small pot. Or if you like, you could create a specific working area with some larger plant pots as a border.  

Colour scheme is important 

A simple colour can influence the mood of a room, so you want to pick a colour scheme for your home office that inspires productivity and creativity. According to the psychology behind colours, green is a great choice for home offices, as it represents life and prosperity, as well as reducing the feeling of stress and anxiety. 

Surprisingly, adding elements of pink can also help reduce anxiety and therefore have a calming effect. Whereas hues of purple can ignite creativity. If you don’t want to commit to painting the whole space, you could try just adding furnishings such as cushions or hang up paintings that incapsulate these positive colours. 

It’s recommended to avoid colours such as red, as this can provoke a sense of rage and hostility, or pastel blues that can come across as cold. 

Create comfort with cushions

Calm and comfort come hand-in-hand, so make sure you are as comfortable as possible in your home office. Add a throw over your chair in a tactile material, or a plump luxurious cushion that you can sink into. You will be at your most productive when you feel the most at ease. 

Cushions are an effective way to refresh your home office, but are also easily interchangeable, so you can reenergise the space and your mood by changing up these accessories in your home office.

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