Want A Successful Career? 7 Strategic Approaches to Consider


It is impossible to think of someone who does not want to have a successful career after spending more than ten years going to school. However, you have to admit that not everyone ends up having their lives the way they dreamt.

Some rise over the odds and become the best entrepreneurs, teachers, basketballers, or even realtors. For others, frustration becomes the order of the day. But what is the difference between the two categories?

Here’s the tip-off the iceberg. It all depends on how determined you are, and how you organize your life. Below is a discussion of some of the top tips that will see you through. Hang in there.

1. Set your goals

It is impossible to wait to become successful when you don’t even know what you want out of life. It is like getting into your car without a travel plan and just driving, hoping that the road will lead you somewhere.

Do you think that your ‘road trip’ will bear fruits at the end of the day? You don’t have to answer that. Always set down your shot term and long term wishes and goals. Then, work out a plan that will help you to get there gradually. At least, you will know when you are making progress and when you are just stagnating.

2. Have a resume

Nothing carries much weight when it comes to career progression like a well-built resume. Obviously, you will want to get some promotion from your current job someday.

You might also be hoping to get to a bigger institution than where you are working currently, so as to diversify your experience and open up the chances of securing even more important roles.

Now, a good resume plays an important role here. Employers might not want to look at your resume if it is disorganized or shoddy. If it helps, you should consider finding a professional to help prepare your resume.

3. Build a brand for yourself

Creating a stellar personal brand for yourself comes in very hand when it comes to recording a positive growth trajectory in your professional work.

Perhaps, the question that should be asked is this. What do we mean by creating a professional brand?

The first step should be finding out your value. Would there be any significant impact on your company if you failed to attend to your job for one day? What gap will be existing? If work can’t continue due to your absence, it means you are adding some value to the institution.

Then, you should proceed to identify your goals and your priorities. You can finalize by finding out what opinion others hold about you. To make things better, you can work on that specific brand by promoting it through say blog posts. Employers will come looking for you.

4. Networking

Your work life might turn out to be terrible if you do not know how to network. This basically refers to your ability to create good relations with other people in your area of expertise.

Nowadays, ‘success depends on your connections’ has become a somewhat common mantra. While it may not be entirely true, you want to stay on the safe side.

There’s no better platform to create lasting networks other than social media and especially LinkedIn. You should create a professional profile which will be visible to everyone. Together with Twitter and Facebook, these platforms will go a long way in boosting your career.

5. Set high standards

Needless to say, standards to a large extent shape the manner in which you perceive things. If your standards are too low, even your morale to keep pushing will be affected.

But if you think big and think of the sky as just the beginning, you will most definitely have the urge to become your absolute best. High standards often attract success!

6. Identify your strengths

In order to become successful, you must be conversant with your strengths and weaknesses. Wondering how this can affect your career progression?

For starters, they will affect how well you perform in your work environment. You do not want to become a public speaker if you can barely face a group of three people. Plus, you can use your strengths as a competitive advantage when it comes to grabbing opportunities thrown your way or getting promotions.

7. Work on your skills

The work environment is becoming more digital and technology-based with each new era. Therefore, you should consider maximizing your skills so that they can give you an edge over others.

You can achieve IT training yourself regularly. Undertaking extra online classes can also help in your growth journey. Importantly, get certifications in core subjects that are consonance with current trends such as Information Technology (IT) or cyber security.


To sum everything up, we borrow Kobe Bryant’s Mantra, having the ‘Mamba Mentality’. Always work hard, pay attention to detail and trust the process. When it is time to act, be confident that you did the absolute best. Who knows, you might be the Bill Gates.

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