How To Keep Your Startup From Failing


Many people dream of opening their own business and working for themselves. This can be a rewarding and lucrative endeavor, but it requires an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. Thousands of startups are launched every year, but because the business market is so competitive, many companies fail within a few years of opening.  While there is no way to ensure your business succeeds, there are a few steps you can take to give the company a stable foundation so it can reach its full potential. If you are thinking about opening a business, take these five steps before launching the company.

Ensure Your Company Fills a Gap in the Market

Before you can start a business, you have to have a great idea for a product or service. It isn’t enough to enter a market that is already saturated with vendors. You must have either a new product or service or one that improves upon an existing design. If your company can’t fill a gap in the market and doesn’t have a target audience, it can’t be successful. Your business must have something new to offer. For example, if your business produces baby food, it will have several competitors. To make the company successful, you need to improve open the baby food that is currently offered. Offering different combinations of foods or using sustainably sourced ingredients could set your company apart from the competitors.

Secure Financing

Your business probably won’t turn a profit for at least a few months after opening. You still need to be able to purchase equipment, start advertising campaigns and stock inventory, so financing is essential. There are many ways you can obtain financing, but you must consider the individual needs of your business to choose which avenue is best. If you are a new entrepreneur and have trouble making business connections, you may find it beneficial to enlist the help of a venture capitalist such as Mark Stevens, the managing partner at S-Cubed Capital. Bank loans are great options for people with good credit histories, while crowdsourcing can help you spread the word about your company while raising money to finance the business.

Write a Business Plan

Most companies that fail do not have a viable business model in place. Drafting a business plan before launching the company gives you a blueprint for sustainable growth and helps you stick to company values. It can be easy to lose your original vision for the business once it begins to grow because the company may not look like the same startup in five years. If you document your goals for the company in a business plan, you can set realistic timelines for completion and make sure you stick to the same values as you grow.

Develop a Brand Voice

Good branding is what sets your business apart from its competitors. The content on your website should use a tone that represents and complements your business so customers feel like they are truly engaging with the company. For example, consumers expect websites for healthcare companies to be informative and professional. Copy that is light and fun may be more suited for a clothing or outdoor sports business. Make sure your brand voice gives customers what they expect.

Graphics and logos also play an important role in your business. You want to have a distinctive logo that makes your business instantly recognizable to its customers. It also helps to have a catchy slogan. The graphics on your websites and emails should be eye-catching and appealing, but they shouldn’t be overwhelming. Using too many colors or huge graphics that take up a significant portion of the page distracts readers from the content. Try to design a graphic that represents what your business stands for and uses just one of two colors.

Start a Marketing Campaign

You can’t run a successful business without marketing because customers can’t buy your company’s products or services if they don’t know it exists. The rise of technology has brought many cost-efficient tools for advertising your business to its target audience and encouraging customers to engage. Do some research to see what type of marketing is most appealing to your target audience and then start an advertising campaign that appeals to those preferences. Some of the tools you may decide to use are search engine optimization, social media and email. Many companies use a combination of marketing strategies to create a comprehensive advertising campaign.

Even if you give your business all of the tools it needs to succeed, it could still fail. You have to be prepared for this reality if you plan to open your own company. However, if you don’t take the time to plan and prepare for your business launch, failure is inevitable. By using these five steps, you can increase the chances of your company being successful in the competitive marketplace.

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