Tips for Warehouse Organization and Efficient Shipping


Running a warehouse is a challenging project. There are a lot of details, both small and large, that need taken care of. It’s easy to overlook something or even to misplace stock in the vast expanse of your warehouse space. If you aren’t careful, then an order could be misplaced or shipped to the wrong location. This is why it is of the utmost importance to take the time to make a solid plan for how you will run your business and keep track of all the aspects of a warehouse and shipping business.


The organization of your space is a huge part of your success. You need to keep detailed and accurate records of all inventory and its current location. Know when you are expecting an order and plan to have the appropriate number of staff on hand to process and then pack any outgoing shipments. Always update your records to show inventory has been used so you know when to order more. It’s not good for your reputation or future orders to be low on stock and unable to fulfil an order that you have accepted.

A software program to help with tracking inventory is a good way to make sure you know exactly what you have on hand. You can use a software like Rentopian which is specialized for rental-type of business. Train all employees to use your system so there is consistency and accuracy. Proper handling of inventory is another must to prevent damaged goods that could mean a delay in order processing or loss of profit.


One of the main focuses of your business is shipping out your orders. Take the time to carefully plan out this aspect of your company to keep things running smoothly. To be successful and make greater profits, you need to focus on speeding up order processing and increasing the number of orders that you can take on. Miscommunication or poor organization in this area can cause a number of problems. And you don’t want to gain a reputation for shipping the wrong products or mixing up delivery dates.

A great way to help you with shipping is to use a fleet GPS monitoring system. This will track the location of each of your vehicles in real time. The GPS gives drivers important updates, alerts, and directions if the route is uncertain or construction is causing a delay. It’s a convenient way of helping you to plan out your routes for maximum efficiency. You may be able to carry the freight of several smaller orders at once, and plan out the delivery schedule to prevent any wasted time covering the same ground again.

Employee Satisfaction

Another thing to keep in mind if you want your shipping business to succeed, is to hire the right people to do the job and then pay them well. When your employees are taken care of and happy and secure, they have greater job satisfaction and are much more likely to put forward the needed effort and higher quality work. Hire knowledgeable, competent people and train them to give them the tools to be a success.

Pay them a fair wage that reflects all the hard work that they do. A reward for fast service or reaching a high quota is a good incentive to keep them involved and willing to work hard. Include medical benefits and time off so that health and self care is made a priority.

Also, schedule your employees carefully. If you have a big project coming up, be sure you have enough people on hand, but don’t overschedule so you end up sending people home. If work shifts vary, try to have the next schedule out as soon as possible so everyone can make plans and know what is expected of them.

Following these tips will help you to grow your business, earn a good reputation, and increase your profits. With some careful attention to detail, you can maximize your efficiency and watch your company thrive.

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