Five actionable ways to win friends in your new workplace


Working in the office becomes exciting when your colleagues are also your friends. You can have little conversations with them every now and then add an element of freshness to your work routine. Not only this but having friends in the workplace can also help you with work stress management. Otherwise, when you have no friends in the office, you will likely spend all your time working quietly, which often turns out to be quite burdensome. It can also trigger feelings of alienation and make you feel miserable. If you are about to join a new office or have already joined one, you are extremely likely to experience isolation feelings. But, if your new colleagues become your friends, you can have a tremendous and exciting joining in your new office. In fact, in the company of your new friends, your new office will soon become a comfortable place for you. So, as soon as you join your new office, you should try to make some good friends there.

Now, if you wonder how you can quickly make friends in your new office, this blog is here to help you. In it, we will discuss five actionable ways to win friends in your new office.

1. Portray a persuasive and confident body language:

Your body language is often the first thing people notice about you. It forms the basis of your first impression of them. If you form a good first impression, your new colleagues will naturally develop a liking for you. As a result, your way of making friends in your new office will become relatively more comfortable. So, to win friends in your new workplace, the first requirement is that you portray clear and confident body language. Keeping a smile on your face, having a relaxed body posture, and standing upright are influential body language elements. To know more about inculcating persuasive body language, you can try reading some good blogs or watching some YouTube videos on body language. These resources will undoubtedly help you a lot.

2. Greet everyone you meet and try to initiate a conversation:

Extending greetings whenever you meet someone is the key to unlock the formation of cordial relationships. It doesn’t require much; just a simple hello with a smile on your face is enough to serve the purpose. Then, as your new colleagues greet you back, you can try to introduce yourself to them. Further, as things start getting more comfortable between you and your new colleagues, you can try to know more about them on the personal front such as their likes, dislikes, hobbies and so on. This will gradually lead to good friendships between you and your colleagues. But, remember not to get too personal before you get comfortable with each other, as your colleagues may find it uncomfortable to share their private information with you initially.

3. Appreciate your colleagues for something you find good in them:

Don’t you naturally develop a liking for a person who appreciates you? You do as it is a part of the essential human nature. This knowing now gives you an important key to win friends in your new office, and it is to appreciate your colleagues for something you find good in them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the professional front. You can also appreciate them for their traits like politeness, nice dressing sense, friendliness, and so on. But, yes, do remember to be completely genuine and measured while extending praise to your colleagues so that they find your words to be utterly authentic. So, you can unlock the doors to new friendships easily through appreciation.

4. Try to offer help when someone is in need:

A simple yet effective way to win people’s hearts is to offer help to someone in need. For example, if someone needs a pen and you have one, you can lend it to them. By helping someone, you’ll not only develop a good rapport with him but also become likable by others. This is simply because goodness spreads quickly, and many of your colleagues may indirectly notice your helpful nature and develop positive feelings about you. This will make it easier for you to approach them and make friends.

5. Have lunch with your new colleagues:

Lunchtime is that time of the day when everyone is in a relaxed mindset. This makes it a good time for you to initiate conversations with your new colleagues and lay the foundation of friendship. So, you should try to have lunch with your new colleagues. Even if you have to leave your desk, don’t shy away from doing so. Remember, growth always lies outside your comfort zone, so even if you feel a little uncomfortable approaching your colleagues for lunch, please try to put it aside. Believe me, once you take the first step and approach your colleagues, all your uncomfortable feelings will soon pass away.

Having your colleagues as your friends adds a lot of beauty to your professional life. It makes work more enjoyable and helps you keep work stress at bay. So, if you are joining a new company, try to direct your efforts towards developing friendly relationships with your new colleagues right from the very first day. The tips mentioned earlier will help you with the same. Now, wishing you All the Best and happy professional life ahead.

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