5 Herbal Teas to Keep You Healthy


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From ancient times, people take herbal teas for different reasons. It could be to keep the body warm in winter or make the body cool in summer. The intake of herbal tea is not seasonal. This means one can take it at any time and season, regardless of the temperatures.

Remarkably, some people choose herbal tea over other tea types because of the health benefits they derive from them. Some of the numerous health benefits these healing teas offer are; boosting the immune system, reducing soreness and pain, preventing severe diseases, improving the digestive system, and lots more. Moreover, they are caffeine-free, rich in myriads of nutrients, and available worldwide.

Unlike brew teas like black or oolong tea, herbal teas are sourced from herbs, spices, fruits, and dried flowers. Each of the herbal teas has different tastes, and health benefits, making it available in many options.  

This article will focus on five herbal teas to keep you healthy, read on; 

Echinacea Herbal Tea

This tea stands out among other teas because of its tongue-tingling reaction. Beyond that, it’s full of some fantastic medical benefits. People add milk, honey, or other tongue soothing ingredients to enhance its taste. 

The Echinacea herbal tea is good at fighting harmful viruses and infections that inflict the body. Some people call it American coneflower, and it’s also good at keeping the common cold and flu at bay. Taking this natural tea regularly in the right quantity may boost your immune system. 

Researchers also explain that Echinacea tea can soothe and treat sore throat, clear stuffy nose, boost the immune system, and treat infections, viruses, and common cold when taken warm.    

CBD Infused Teas

Ever since CBD infused teas have proven to be good for health, many people have decided to include them in their diet to live a healthy life. 

According to studies, CBD comes from the cannabis Sativa plant, and it lacks psychoactive properties. As a result, it does not intoxicate or make people high when consumed, unlike THC. CBD is perfect for therapeutic use since it contains phytocannabinoids that react with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This means that CBD can interact with the body’s central regulatory system that influences various body processes like sleep, appetite, and mood.   

Furthermore, CBD relieves anxiety, stress, pains, and insomnia, which helps you stay focused without feeling weak or sluggish.  Along with teas, you can find tons of CBD edibles like gummies and cookies on the market.    

Hibiscus Herbal Tea

This herbal tea comes from the Hibiscus plant. It is pink-red and has a refreshing tart flavor that seems like cranberries. The hibiscus tea can be taken either iced or cold. The herb consists of antioxidants that boost good cholesterol (HDL) and lessen the body’s bad cholesterol (LDI). 

Likewise, it reduces triglycerides in the body, specifically in people with diabetes. Taking Hibiscus tea may promote weight loss and safeguard the liver. 

A recent study revealed that hibiscus tea helps overweight adults to reduce body weight, body mass index, hip-to-waist ratio, and body fat, better than placebo. Furthermore, the study revealed that hibiscus offers considerable support to immunity via its antibacterial properties.        

Chamomile Herbal Tea

In the list of herbal teas, chamomile is one of the oldest. This healthy tea is widely known for its distinct effects on the body, just like other herbal teas. The tea calms the body and aids sleep, making it one of the right choices for people with insomnia or sleep disorders.

Different studies have established that chamomile is useful for better sleep, especially in people with sleep problems. One of the studies allowed 80 postpartum women with sleep disorders to take chamomile tea for two weeks. The study’s outcome is that those women’s sleep quality improved, even with lesser depression symptoms.  

Another study proves the same point. The study involved 34 insomnia patients, and they all experienced a sound sleep and long hours of sleep time after consuming chamomile tea two times per day. The study also found out that this set of people’s mental performance improved during the day.  

Chamomile is not only useful for sleep conditions. It’s rich in antibacterial, liver-protecting, and anti-inflammatory potency. Besides, the tea can treat stomach ulcer, diarrhea, and diabetes and relieves premenstrual syndrome symptoms.  

Rosehip Herbal Tea

The rosehip herbal tea comes from the fruit of the rose plant. Rosehip contains tons of valuable plant components that include vitamin C. Besides the plant components in the herb, it also has certain fats that serve as anti-inflammatory compounds.   

Countless studies have checked the efficacy of rosehip tea and found out that it effectively reduces inflammation in osteoarthritis and people living with rheumatoid arthritis. Some other studies also support the fact that rosehip tea reduces inflammation, pain, and other related symptoms.

Another health benefit of rosehip tea is its effects on weight control. A particular study allowed 32 overweight adults to take the tea for 12 weeks. At the end of the study, there was a high reduction in their belly fat and BMI.  The study also realized that the tea reduces wrinkles and skin aging. 


Whether you are a novice or an herbal tea fan, you have nothing to lose in trying any of these five healthy herbal teas. They have more health benefits to offer you than other variants of teas. Herbal teas are flavorful, and you can further spice them up with ingredients like lemon, milk, or fruits to make them friendly to your taste bud. If you are looking for other tea variants, check the darjeeling tea collection.

They are naturally free of unhealthy fats, calories, and sugars, making them perfect for your entire well-being. 

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