10 most effective marketing strategies on Twitter that will increase your sales


A well-crafted marketing strategy is a foundation for the success of any business organisation. With the increasing trend of online marketing, now businesses are more inclined towards social media marketing and are using different platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, the same marketing strategy will not work across all of these platforms. 

Despite its age Twitter is still a very popular platform among users, and so it is important for marketers to understand how efficient use of their marketing strategy will help them stand out from other businesses. As things move very quickly on this platform, here are 10 most effective marketing strategies which will help you in growing your business through Twitter.

  1. Define your goals

The first and most important step before finalising any business strategy must be to identify your goals. Usually, businesses head to Twitter to generate sales and leads, build product and brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, etc. Once you have identified your goals, it will be easier for you to evaluate your progress and success rate.

  1. Identify your target audience

To attract potential buyers, it is important to understand in which niche or demographics you need to look for your audience. As you understand which people you need to target, you can craft a marketing strategy which focuses on offering content based on their interests. This will also encourage potential buyers to engage with your brand and eventually become your customers or brand advocates. 

  1. Research the competition

Before finalising a marketing strategy, experts advise to gather all the information about your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses on Twitter. Keep an eye on the posts from your competitors to know which marketing strategies they are using and whether these strategies are working or not. To gain more followers, you can even follow your competitor’s followers and we are sure that you will receive a significant number of follow backs and people who will be interested in your products and services.

  1. Pay attention to your follower’s needs and interests 

While creating any content to be posted on Twitter, you must pay proper attention to your followers needs and interests. By this, you can ensure that the content you have posted resonates with your audience. Occasionally posting tweet questions, surveys or asking for feedback will also help you in understanding the persona of your audience and what they expect from your brand and your Twitter handle. 

  1. Promote your business events

Twitter is a great place to promote business events such as product launch parties, contests, giveaways and discounts. You can even create a unique hashtag for your different events and encourage people to use this hashtag while using your product or participating in your event. 

  1. Keep your Twitter content exclusive

Although it is easy and tempting to post similar content across all your social media accounts, we do not recommend this approach. None of your followers who are following you on more than one social media platform would like to see repetitive stuff in front of their screens. So make your Twitter content exclusive and keep your content fresh and unique to increase your audience engagement. 

  1. Post precise tweets 

While you have 280 characters to show your writing skills, it is advisable to write a perfect and short tweet which is optimal for engagement. Instead of bombarding your audience with a series of tweets with unnecessary details to communicate a single marketing message, try to fit in your message in the word limit. 

  1. Make your account worth following

To double up your chances of getting noticed, try to involve your brand actively on Twitter. Rather than just promoting your products, interact with your followers by making random comments on other’s posts, replying to other people’s comments, starting a discussion or by asking questions. Once you start focussing on building relationships instead of plain marketing, your efforts will be more likely to get rewarded. 

  1. Curate your content with link retargeting

If you want to increase the top of funnel traffic to your site, then try to combine your content curation with link retargeting. In this way, you will be able to present retargeting ads to people who even though being connected to your brand on Twitter have never visited your website earlier. With link retargeting you can also show relevant ads of your product to any online user who clicks through. You can also add links of third-party sites which involve your brand for product reviews, industry news or media coverage. 

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags play a crucial role in ensuring that your content is being delivered to the majority of your followers.  As hashtags enable brands to classify their content and group it with other relevant Twitter content it helps users in finding any content based on hashtags easily. However, make sure to watch your use of hashtags and only use hashtags relevant to your industry. 

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