Slot Game Developers Tournaments that you should play


Did you know there was such a thing as slot game tournaments? For those who love slots at Slotsbaby and who want to take their game playing to the next level, this could be the ideal opportunity. It’s not something that might immediately come to mind when you’re thinking of things to do, but once you know they are there, we’re sure that the most avid slots fans are going to have a great time playing in them. 

Many are hosted by slot game developers. Not only does this bring them extra revenue, but it alerts people to their games, helping with marketing too. Here are some of the best slot game developer tournaments to look out for. 


Quickspin is a Swedish slot game developer. It’s a subsidiary of the Playtech Group which is well-known and well-regarded in its own right. Quickspin has brought out some amazing games over the years including Ticket To The Stars, Panther’s Reign, and Wild Cauldron. No doubt if you have ever played slots before, you will have played a slot created by Quickspin. 

When Quickspin create a tournament they work with Competition Labs to make sure it is exactly as you would want it to be – fun, exciting, and fair. These are truly professional feeling tournaments. Depending on the slots you play, you’ll earn points over a set period of time. The winner is the player with the most points. 


NetEnt is, of course, a very popular game developer, and one that focuses on internet based games as much as possible. Hall of Gods, Secret Code, and Jack Hammer are just some of their creations. 

Their tournaments are second to none. They’re easy to enter, fun to play, and the prizes are always big. If you’re going to go all in, a NetEnt slot tournament is the way to do it. 

Why Play Slots Tournaments?

So now you know what to look for, why would you want to play slots tournaments in the first place? Wouldn’t you be happier just playing normal slots without the added pressure? Well, the truth is, you might. Not everyone is going to be happy to get involved in a slot tournament. However, there are some good reasons for playing if it does sound right up your street. 

There is an entry fee to pay, and this will cover the prizes with a little left over for the organisers. Once you’ve paid the fee, though, you’ll be free to play the games you want without having to pay in anything else. This could actually save you money if you’re quick, because you have a limited time to use up the coins you’re given to play with. Go fast and you can get a lot of gaming out of your competition entry fee. 

Plus, there is more chance of winning in a slot tournament than in a standard slot game. You’re not playing against the slot anymore; you’re playing against other players. So even if you don’t hit the jackpot when you’re playing, you could still walk away as the winner.

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