Six Essential Working From Home Supplies To Treat Yourself To


Now that the debris of the holiday season has been swept away, the biscuits and cheeses have been eaten and the artificial tree has been put back into its box for another year, we are all looking at a good few months yet of working from home, so it’s important to make sure that we are all stocked up on the supplies we need to get us through those hours between clocking in and clocking out. Over the last year or so you have probably found a routine that works for you, and you will have almost certainly found a few snacks and creature comforts that keep you going, but here are a few that you may have forgotten or not yet thought of.

Seriously, Treat Yourself To A Decent Cup Of Coffee

Although there can’t be that many people who can honestly say that they miss the crush and the rush of the morning commute, one thing that we can’t wait to get back to is that cup of fresh-ground coffee from our favourite café on the way into work. Although we’ve all been trying to cut corners on spending in the last few months, there are some luxuries that are simply essential, and a good cup of coffee is one of them. So, treat yourself to a good supply of your favourite blend, invest in a proper coffee machine, and make sure that you great the day with a delicious hot drink in your hand.

Don’t Forget To Stretch With A Proper Yoga Mat

How are your shoulders feeling right now as you’re reading this? OK, push them back, push them together…yes, we should all be doing more stretching, so instead of shoving the coffee table to one side and coming face to face with a carpet that could probably do with a clean, treat yourself to a yoga mat and make sure to always clean your cork yoga mat. We all need the occasional push to do that twenty-minute stretch, and knowing that you’ve invested in the right equipment could be just the thing you need.

Don’t Get Stuck On The Same Stale Vape Liquid

One of the things that has been the most helpful throughout lockdown has been keeping things fresh. Going on new walks, cooking new recipes, reading new books, and if you’re feeling like you’re sick of the same flavour of vape liquid day in, day out, then experimenting with some new tastes could be the thing you need to actually give you the break you need. Aqua Vape has been supplying vape liquid made in the UK since 2021, and they have an incredible range of options from fruit to coffee and beyond. They also have a great selection of different kinds devices if you’re looking to switch up.

Treat Your Pet To Some New Distractions

On the one hand, it’s hard to imagine how we would have got through the lockdown experience without our wonderful pets. On the other hand, they certainly have developed a habit of choosing the worst possible moment to demand attention, traipsing all over the computer while you’re on a work call, or worse, a job interview. A distracting new toy or hideout is both a treat for them and for you, and remember: it is important to keep them their bodies and minds active, especially if you’re not getting outside with them as much as you would usually.

Get Some New Stationery

There are some people out there who don’t find stationery exciting, and those people do not know what they are missing out on. If you are someone who prizes organisation and structure above all things, then you owe it to yourself to make sure that you have all the stationery equipment you need for a new year of work. Treat yourself to that new diary and organiser, invest in good quality pens, and get a proper filing system to organise the chaos from having more than one person in the house working from home. With so many things in the outside world being in a state of absolute chaos right now, the satisfaction of an orderly work space is not to be underrated.

Comfy Clothes

Now that the holidays are over, we are staring into the face of the rest of the winter with all that cold, the rain, the ice and the sludge, and we are going to need to have all the creature comforts we can handle to get through it. With that in mind, you should absolutely treat yourself to some comfy, warm clothing to wear around the house. Get rid of those ratty old slippers and invest in some fluffy new ones. Buy a new warmer blanket for your bed to combat the creeping cold, and get yourself a decent hot water bottle to stay toasty and to help soothe those aching joints.

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