How to choose the right recovery supplements for you


Before taking any supplement a meticulous research should be done. Normally supplements are advised by doctors or pharmacists. Nevertheless, nowadays, in the world of technology there is one best friend: the internet. Just clicking on the desired information we can get a huge amount of answers from all over the world and from all the types of people. 

The main issue with this abundance of information is to be able to filter it and get rid of spam. The useful information should be determined, separated and thoroughly observed. On the one hand we need to deal with all sorts of reliable and unreliable information, on the other hand we have to focus on what kind of supplement we need. It is essential to consider these points before getting recovery supplements you need without having discussed with the specialist.

  1. The age  – do not be ashamed of considering your age. It is important to make sure that the supplements you take will do good to your body and not harm your health. Some supplements are not effective or can be even dangerous at a certain age being it too young or old. 
  2. Your health and possible allergic reactions – before taking any supplement make sure you have no allergy from the components of the product. Read carefully the content of components and ask about unclear ingredients and elements. Avoid using the product to see if it will cause an allergy or not. It is naive to think that if you are allergic for example, that contains lemon juice will not cause any harm to your health. 
  3. Food you eat or are used to eating –  do not change radically the food you eat meanwhile you take in supplements. Try to increase the number of detox products in your diet and reduce fats. Eat healthy, without being in a hurry, with a healthy environment.
  4. Consider your profession – depending on why you are taking compliments, you can consider your job. If the supplement is for athletes it normally consists of proteins. 
  5. What do you take the supplement for? – there are hundreds of motives for taking a recovery supplement. Athletes, sportsmen, or just a simple human being who has hurt his/her hand should take different supplements. 
  6. General recovering – there is a tendency especially in the United States to take and give children lots of supplements. Omega 3 is one of the most famous substances that people take and give their children. Nevertheless, a thorough investigation of what and how to take can reduce unnecessary side effects. 

Once you have considered all these points and are sure which supplement you should take, make sure to have a good look at what you buy and where you buy it. Never take products of low quality. A negative effect of these supplements can be crucial.  

Buy tried and tested products. Read opinions about whatever you buy. Most of the athletes take proteins. There is a tendency nowadays to take products containing proteasa. Protease is an enzyme that breaks the bonds of proteins and a study found that supplements with this substance, by breaking down proteins, reduces muscle inflammation, thus promoting a much faster recovery and allowing you to perform at your best for more days in a row. 

Taking 3 grams of creatine twice a day you add extra energy to your muscles. Research defends that its intake for eight weeks in a row improves strength and endurance by a minimum of 8 percent. Very popular in the nineties, according to expert Haydn Masters it is the most scientifically supported supplement for better athletic performance. 

Glutamina and arginina are other good recovery supplement options. Arginina is essential for weight loss. 

Finally the  most common supplement is the protein. However, it is not an easy job to take protein. It is very important to know which one is the correct one. Once the correct protein is chosen you can mix it with the creatine. Newcomers can take HMB for more muscles and so on.

To recapitulate, the main issue is not how you take a supplement but what supplement you take, how you chose it and what you consider before buying anything. Specialists can always help you with their professional advice of what when and how much to take. Do not overuse these supplements and do not just drop them one day. As they help you to get the desired effect, the same way they can ruin your health and body.

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