What Are the Benefits of a New Custom Home Addition?


Do you find yourself second-guessing getting a new home addition? That’s understandable. Home additions are one of the more expensive remodeling projects for property owners. You have to be absolutely sure if you are going to pursue it. Reacquaint yourself with the benefits of a home addition before you decide. 

4 Benefits Of A New Custom Home Addition

A new custom home addition is a way for you to take back control over your space. Crowded rooms and cluttered homes don’t stand a chance when you have a spacious addition. Get to know the 4 benefits of getting a home addition here:

Increase Your Living and Storage Space

A home addition is a great way to increase your overall space. It does this in two ways – living and storage. 

Your Living Space

Your living space is all about the areas you can dedicate to activities. By getting a home addition, you increase your living space. People don’t have to share communal areas for their activities anymore.

So what if one person wants to read while the other plays instruments? You don’t have to worry about mismatching activities. Everyone can find a place to settle down and commit to their hobbies and interests without any disturbances.

Besides your day to day activities, it can be great for special occasions as well. Having more living space means you can better accommodate people for parties and celebrations. If you are a social butterfly, you can host more get-togethers in your own space. 

Your Storage Space

Your storage space is all about the areas you can use to keep and display items. When you get a home addition, you not only have more places to put things, but you can create more storage solutions. 

You can make built-in shelves and hide-away hatches. You can create customized furniture with storage. With this, you can clear out the clutter and even free up much-needed living space in the process. 

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Improve The Functionality Of Your Home

When you expand your home, you can improve your home’s functionality. After a couple of years in your house, you, more than anyone, know about the things that could be better. Some of these improvements can be small tweaks like a kitchen or basement remodel. But others need drastic measures like a home addition.

Additional Private Spaces

Do you have kids who are growing out of their childhood bedrooms? Do relatives frequently visit? Do you have long bathroom lines in the morning? These problems can all be solved by getting an additional bedroom and bathroom. When you have your new home addition, you can design it to solve these issues. You might be surprised at how peaceful it can be when everyone has their own space. 

Additional Communal Spaces

But what if private spaces are not the issue? That is not a problem. You can either create or expand communal areas like the living room, media room, or kitchen. By doing this, you make it easier for family and friends to get together and bond. It is a great investment for those with close-knit communities. 

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Integrate Custom Features 

When you have a home addition, you are building it from scratch. You have the opportunity to integrate custom features you’ve always wanted in your house. Floor to ceiling bookshelves, heated floors, skylight, and many more – let your imagination run wild!

Besides the more creative approaches, your custom features can be very practical as well. If you have family members with mobility issues, you can create a safe space for them with railings and ramps. Custom features mean a more personalized home. 

Increase Your Overall Property Value

If you decide to resell your house in the future, you can say hello to a higher ROI. Your property value increases as you make home improvements and some improvements are worth more than others. A home addition can get you the biggest return because

  1. It increases the square footage of your home.
  1. It has another bedroom/feature room.

Let’s look at the numbers. When you have a second story addition, you can get a 65 to 74% back from your initial investment. And if you decide to have another bedroom, you can increase your property value by 15%. Considering all of this, a home addition is a great investment!

A new custom home addition is popular among growing and multigenerational families, but it is not just for them. All types of families and property owners can stand to benefit from getting a home addition. 

Do you still find yourself second-guessing the build? You have a lot to gain from it. Start your home addition remodeling project!

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