Top Tips for Marketing a New Launch


The launch of a new product or service within your company is always going to be an exciting time, and you will want to generate as much interest as possible around it. For this reason, you need to make sure that you nail the marketing of this new launch. Here are some of our top tips to help you properly market a new launch within your business.

Tease It Out

One of the best ways to begin to build interest is to tease out gradually across some of the multiple platforms that you might have access to. You can very easily create small teaser images or even videos that could give some indication as to what your audience could expect from this new launch. 

These can then be scheduled in over the coming weeks before the launch date. Think about all the different places that you could send out the images. For example, you might want to start with a teaser in a newsletter. By having mass email software, you will be able to send out the right communication to many of your customers to pique their interest and get them wondering about what you could be offering. Start maybe a month or so before the launch to really begin to build up the intensity, and have a full daily countdown in the week before.

Consider a Theme for the Launch

Is there an over-arching theme for the product or service that you are going to be offering? If so, this could give you the perfect opportunity to come up with a theme that you can also use in the wider launch. From PR to a launch party to simple marketing, this is a great path to follow.

It is up to you how detailed you would like this to be. Choosing to use a theme means that you could be quite subtle in your choices, or you could fully commit to a crazy theme that fully celebrates the new product. Think about how your customers are likely to react, and what it could mean for your brand overall. If they are used to more subtlety from you up until this point, a crazy theme might not go over too well.

Look into PR

Sending out PR packages with the new products, or inviting influencers to try out your service before it launches, is a great way to drum up support for what you are offering. Influencers on social media are respected and trusted by vast audiences, and their opinions on your products could prove to be very valuable. When considering a new product to buy, some people will check out an influencer’s thoughts as part of their research, so it is incredibly important that you cover this crucial ground. 

Micro-influencers tend to offer the best engagement. These are influencers that carry audiences between 1000 and 100,000 followers. You could send them free PR in the hopes that they will test out your products, or you could reach out to them for a paid post if you have the budget.

Throw a Great Launch Party

Finally, celebrate your new launch with the very best possible party! This is not just a brilliant way to celebrate the hard work of your staff in the run-up to the launch, but it is also another great way to get people in and trying the new product out.

You could decide to run a closed event where only invited people are allowed in. Inviting influencers and offering tickets – either paid or free – to your customers will undoubtedly create some buzz around the new launch and get people excited for more. You could also opt for a softer launch and have an open day. This would allow people to come and go, and gives the potential for a greater foot traffic and the chance for more people to see what you have up for grabs. Both options of a launch can work well in the right circumstances, so see which one might be most beneficial for your brand and the nature of what you are launching.

Get Ready

Any sort of launch is going to need a lot of logistical planning. Having spent so long constructing the perfect product, you don’t want to throw it all away by putting out the product without some sort of fanfare. The extent to which you market your new launch is entirely up to you – you could just announce it on social media or you could do a full launch with a party and everything. However, it is important that you do put some sort of effort into this launch so you can attract as much interest to this product as possible within its first few weeks of trading on the market.

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