Great Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


If you’re one of those people for whom Valentine’s Day triggers a generous eye roll, we get it. Sometimes the whole thing can come off as ingenuine. But at its core, Valentine’s Day is about something worth celebrating. (We’re talking about love, of course.) So why not reclaim the day and celebrate it your own way? And maybe even reconnect with old friends through it.

You can break free from traditions that feel stifling, like dinner at an overpriced restaurant or store-bought boxes of chocolate, and celebrate your amour in ways that feel right for you two. One of the best ways to do that is with an out-of-the-box Valentine’s gift along with some nice valentine messages. Here are some of our favorites: 

Fresh Flowers

We know — we just gave you compelling reasons to break away from tradition and now we’re recommending the most classic gift there is. But hear us out; Valentine’s flowers don’t have to be just traditional red roses. (Although those are great, too.) We love the flowers from for fresh, modern options. Think heart-shaped succulents in contemporary cement planters or a single, stunning orchid. 

Something To Snack On

We’ll never say no to chocolate, but if we’re honest, the store-bought stuff that comes in a box isn’t always the best. Plus, if your valentine has already been snacking on sweets all day — say pink frosted donuts at the office or heart-shaped sugar cookies from a friend — they might be craving something savory. Why not bestow your favorite person with an artisanal version of something they already love, like peanut butter, hot sauce or trail mix? If your lover has a food sensitivity that makes certain items hard to get, see if you can track down an allergy-friendly version. (We’re looking at you, dairy-free cheese.) 

That One Thing They Won’t Buy for Themselves 

When you were younger, you hated getting socks for a gift, but now it’s kind of the best. Same thing applies for whatever item your recipient sorely needs, but just won’t buy for themselves. Think: a nice new belt — monogrammed perhaps– or a night light so they stop stubbing their toe on midnight trips to the bathroom. These might not be the sexiest gifts, but they are intimate displays of love. 

Supplies for a New Hobby 

One of the biggest inhibitors to starting a new hobby is simply the cost of commencing. When we have bills to pay, it can be hard to justify spending that money on ourselves. Enter: you — with the perfect Valentine’s present. Gift your love with everything they need to get started painting, knitting or building model trains. Or better yet, purchase them a certificate to local classes on the subject. 

Gift Cards

If this one made you cringe a little, we get it. Gift cards can feel impersonal, and you may be more likely to expect one from your coworker than your cohabitator. But, gift cards can make an awesome Valentine’s Day present if you present them correctly. We recommend pairing them with another present on this list, and adding an intentional note. If your recipient stops at Starbucks on the daily, specify that you hope this gift card encourages them to upgrade to a venti, because they deserve it. Better yet, tell them that you hope they think of how much they’re loved every time they take a warming sip. 

And there you have it! Valentine’s day is a perfect opportunity to show your significant other (or best friend, or whoever!) what they mean to you. Especially in the depths of winter, a sweet little present can feel like a warm hug.

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