6 SEO Techniques To Watch For In 2021


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When it comes to trending SEO techniques, change remains the only constant. Naturally, with the advent of a new decade upon us, several earlier methods will either become obsolete or undergo considerable evolution. And, new techniques will also find their place in this ever-changing world of digital marketing.

So, taking all that into account, what are the top SEO techniques to watch out for 2021? Let’s find out!

  1. Optimizing HTML Tags to Increase the Click-Through Rate

SEO is not only about ranking anymore. Shocking, right? Let’s explain this further.

Suppose you get the top rank for a keyword like Cannabis SEO Backlinks. But that’s not all because you need to attract users to make them click on your link. In doing that, your click-through rate is affected by your title tag and Meta description. 

So, for the said keyword, you need to outline the clear benefits of SEO backlinks for cannabis and align your content with the user’s search intent.

  1. Greater Involvement of Artificial Intelligence In SEO

RankBrain, one of the algorithms Google unveiled a couple of years back, now plays a crucial role as a ranking factor. The thing about RankBrain is that it can learn and evolve. And thus, SEO techniques need to consider AI to attain success.

Though Google has not shared any details about optimizing RankBrain, user experience signals are still the primary determinant. Thus, things like readability, click-through rates, backlinks, and time spent on a page are all going to factor in.

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  1. Increased Importance to Voice Search Optimization

The innovations like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are becoming more commonplace than ever. In fact, by 2022, as many as fifty-five percent of households are predicted to have a smart speaker. Therefore, voice technology will be a foremost consideration in SEO techniques for 2021.

Optimizing for voice search starts with considering your keywords. It’s best to use longer phrases that people use in their everyday conversations. For instance, when it comes to voice search, people are more likely to say ‘what does a Persian cat eat?’ rather than ‘Persian cat food.’

  1. Content to Fulfill the EAT Principle to Rank Better

When it comes to SEO techniques related to the content, the key is following the EAT principle of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These three factors are the benchmark in determining if a webpage contains useful content, especially in niches like finance and healthcare.

To start following the EAT principle, create buyer personas to understand your target audience’s content type. Now, understand the target demographics’ search intent to lay out a sound content marketing strategy for the New Year.

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  1. Long-Form Content to Get Better Ranks At the SERPs

The rising popularity of long-form content stems from the fact that it gets better results than short-form content. The market has become saturated with short content, and about 85 percent of the published content is too short. Earlier, most of the contents were in the range of 900 words -1200 words. So, for a user, it seems like reading the same article with a similar word limit on different websites. 

But, you need to make your content longer to stand out from the crowd. Generally, long-form content has better insights that earn it a higher rank. This year, every article with more than 2500 words will attract most of the readers. Making them attractive with subheads and bullet points, and pictures will be of utmost importance. 

Moreover, including shareable links and high authority links will bring more credibility to your content. 

  1. Aiming To Come Up On the Featured Snippets

With the proper use of featured snippets, your page can rank second in the search engine and still have a higher click-through rate than the #1 results.

Featured snippets have a significant chunk of details in a bulleted form, a Q&A format, or a how-to guide, making them more engaging for the users to click. You can also create rich snippets having product prices, images, reviews, and bits of critical information. Focusing on relevant keywords and FAQ-like content will help your page develop the snippets more effectively. 

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Apart from the six techniques mentioned above, there are a few significant ones. For example, 2021 is the year of video content. Creat perfect content for YouTube, add relevant keywords and descriptions to reach more customers. Besides videos, adding images and content to the website to optimize it. 

Adding semantic keywords according to your content is crucial to make it more search worthy. Google algorithm is changing. So, instead of focusing only on the primary keyword or a group of words, it is ideal to focus on a user’s search query. 

In a nutshell, SEO is consistently evolving and turning complex. But if you keep up the hard work of staying ahead of the trends, you can get a good rank for your webpages.


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